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What we CAN EXPECT so far about the Kinyinya Green City Master Plan which is to be released soon

TOP AFRICA NEWS has gathered some key features that are likely to appear in the much awaited Kinyinya/Kigali Green City and its Master Plan.

By Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU

At the recent discussions organized by IUCN Rwanda around Nature based Solutions in the African Cities which took place as a side event of the Africa Smart Cities Investment Summit (ASCIS2023) in Kigali, Mr. Basil Kalimba, the Kigali Green City Company Manager elaborated more details on the much awaited Kinyinya Green City. TOP AFRICA NEWS tried to summarize what he said and key details emerged as not to miss in the much awaited Kigali Green City. As usual this website encourages you to provide comments on these thoughtful details:

So far we know the following:

– The master plan for the 16-hectare city is being designed at both the macro and micro levels.

– Also the city of Kigali worked with the Kigali Green City Company to update the 600-hectare hill and update the master plan as a green city.

– The Kigali Green City Company is actively seeking private sector partners to provide construction finance for the Kinyinya Green City project.

– The German government and KfW have already committed €40 million to the project, and the government has provided land and incentives.

– The first stage of construction is planned to be delivered within a five-year timeline from 2025 to 2030

– The master plan for the Green City is currently under review by the city of Kigali.

– Green City Kigali is an initiative of the government of Rwanda, championed by the Rwanda Green Fund

– The Kigali Green City Company was set up to deliver the Green City

– The Green City Kigali is a blueprint for green urbanization in Rwanda.

– Development finance has been mobilized from the German government and KfW to kickstart the Kinyinya Green City project

– The government, development partners, and the green fund are all on board with the project.

– Green City Project considered the health and well-being benefits of nature-based solutions

– In the Kinyinya Green City project, there is a focus on sustainable and low-carbon building materials

– The project aims to use local materials to promote local production and generate employment opportunities

The four main pillars of the how Rwanda plans to go about green urbanization.

– The Kinyinya/Kigali Green City is based on four main principles or pillars: affordability and inclusivity, climate smart, efficiency in land, water, and energy, and contextualization to Rwanda.

– The aim is to address affordable housing while incorporating climate mitigation and adaptation

-Green City Kigali seeks to address urban sprawl and urbanization rates through land efficiencies, densification, water efficiency, and energy efficiency

How the Master Plan will look like:

– All efforts will be in the context of Rwanda and should be inclusive, serving everyone and sustainable.
– The project will include nature-based solutions in urban areas
– The Green City will prioritize environmental conservation and green Initiatives.
– The master plan for Kinyinya Green City will incorporate both international and local contexts and policies
– The development concept includes a focus on transit-oriented development and reducing emissions through the promotion of public transport
– A bus rapid transit route is planned for the hill to enhance ease of movement and sustainability.

– The Kinyinya Green City Master Plan is considering the design of streets with an inclination, as well as prioritizing cycling and non-motorized transport
– The Master Plan will focus on the needs of the community, including employment opportunities and proximity of workplaces to residential areas.

The inclusion of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions in the urban planning supports employment and education.

– There is potential to develop an eco-park on a 70-hectare site on the hill in Kinyinya Green City. The site has a diverse forest that has been protected for almost 100 years.

– Areas that are too steep for construction are likely to be developed as walking trails with biodiversity
– A communal approach is important in densifying urban areas, allowing people to still converge and meet their social needs.

– The Master Plan will focus on nature-based solutions and urban agriculture where unused or wasted spaces will be utilized for Nature-based Solutions since Instead of constructing concrete drains, the nature-based solution approach fulfills community needs

– The project includes the use of wetlands and detention basins to effectively manage wastewater and drainage

– The goal is to achieve affordability while also creating a profitable project with nature-based social infrastructure.

– The government and development partners are on board and the company has completed feasibility studies and engaged an international design company to incorporate international design principles.

– An international design company is assisting in the development of Kinyinya Green City, using international design principles and working with local partners

– – The Kigali Green City Company aims to achieve affordability, profitability, and social infrastructure that is nature-based in the Kinyinya Green City project.

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