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Transforming Lives: Rotary Club of Kigali Virunga (RCKV) joins forces with Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW) to provide bedkits and hope to children in Bugesera district

By Mutangana Emmanuel

The Rotary Club of Kigali Virunga (RCKV) has partnered with the Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW) organization to donate bedkits to children in need from the Bugesera district. This event took place on Sunday, October 8th, 2023, in both the Ruhuha and Nyamata Sectors. Each donation consisted of one bedkit, including a mattress and bedding, a mosquito net to prevent malaria, school supplies, and clothing.

Speaking at the event, Gilbert MUGWANEZA, the Assistant Executive Secretary of Ruhuha sector, thanked the Rotary Club for their assistance in providing bedkits for children from poor families. “We are pleased, and the parents are also grateful for the help provided by the Rotary Club to 395 poor families in Ruhuha Sector.” He said.

The district representative, Jean M. Vianney MURENZI, highlighted how the donation will help children in their studies. He said, “We are proud of the Rotary Club of Kigali Virunga for helping the children by providing them with bedkits and school supplies. This will aid them in studying well by ensuring they have a good night’s sleep. These children come from poor families who cannot afford bedkits like these, so we are very grateful to the Rotary Club.”

Rotarian OJI Chukwuemeka I. donoji, Member of RCKV, noted that Rotary Club is one of the world’s largest service organizations, which is active globally being represented in almost every part of the globe over 200 Countries.

Rotarian OJI Chukwuemeka I. donoji

“Rotary Club belongs to a membership of close to 1.2 Million people who represent an order of people who are recognized for their active role in community service. Belonging to a Rotary club gives men and women an enjoyable and organized way to make a contribution to their community”

He revealed that Rotary Club Kigali Virunga was chartered in 2001 and the Club has initiated and seen the birth and growth of four Rotaract and three Interact Clubs around Kigali and these active clubs continued to grow in membership and fits very well with the history of Rotary fraternity in Rwanda.

“We are proud to guide them along the Rotary path. Our numerous successful projects including our flagship project, the Kigali Public Library and our determined spirit are what set Rotary Club Kigali Virunga apart”. He said.

He concluded by revealing that Rotarians have the Motto of “Service above Self”, a member of Rotary Club must be ready to give their time and talents in community work, In fellowship and social functions, In club and district activities.

“We focus on promoting Peace, fighting Disease, clean Water, sanitation and hygiene, saving mothers and children and supporting education. Our global network of 1.4 million neighbors, friends, and leaders volunteer their skills and resources to solve issues and address community needs. Solving some of the world’s most complex and pressing problems takes real commitment and vision. We believe that we share a responsibility to take action to improve our communities”. He said.

Doug MacDoughald, one of the volunteers of Sleeping Children Around the World (SCAW), highlighted that their organisation is based in Canada for 53 years and it’s the first year for SCAW to be in Rwanda.

“We provide bedkits to children in need, 50% girls and 50% boys, between the ages of 6 and 12, regardless of race, religion, national or ethnic origin, colour, gender, or physical or mental disability”, he said.

He added that bedkits are manufactured or purchased overseas by our Overseas Volunteer Partners (OVPs), local organizations and individuals who use their knowledge and expertise to pick the best bedkit items for the children living in that area.

“Everything that is done at our organization, is done for the children. Sleeping Children Around the World has helped more than 1.7 million children in 36 countries experience healthy sleep through the gift of a bedkit”. He said

He concluded that Sleeping Children Around the World is operated by volunteers, from the processing of donations to the distribution of bedkits. This ensures 100% of every bedkit donation reaches a child in need.

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