April 13, 2024


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Rotary International’s Lifeline: Rebuilding Lives and Communities After the Devastating May 2023 Disaster in Rubavu District

Rotary International has provided assistance to 60 families in Rubavu District who were affected by the disaster caused by the heavy rainfall in May 2023. This incident resulted in the loss of over 130 lives and significant damage to various infrastructures within the Western and Northern Provinces.

The aid they received consists of food, bedkits, livestock (such as goats and sheep), and water filtration machines, which altogether cost 18 million Frw.

Beneficiaries appreciated the kindness of the Rotary Club members who organized the program to help them because it will improve their quality of life.

The president of Rotary Club Kivu Lake, Ndorimana Emanuel, stated that this act of love is intended to persist, and those who received assistance today will hopefully be inspired to help others in return. He added, “This provides hope for numerous individuals and encourages those who possess a compassionate nature to extend their support to others, as the flood has adversely impacted numerous families in need of assistance.”

The Deputy Governor of Province 9150 in the Rotary Club, Suman Alla, told the beneficiaries that they thought of helping them in a sustainable way, promising that it will continue.

He said, “We came to assist you after you encountered the disaster and experienced pain. Although we arrived late, it was due to a flaw in the planning of this event. Along with providing food, we have also considered aiding them in a sustainable manner, such as providing these animals to support their development.”

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