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Empowering Girls: How Hope of Family Transformed One Woman’s Life and Inspires Change through Peer Driven Change (PDC) Program

Ms. Uwingeneye Jose resides in the Shyogwe sector, specifically Kinini Village, located in the Muhanga District of the Southern Province in Rwanda. She is a skilled tailor with a remarkable experience of 25 years in this field. With the financial assistance provided by Hope of Family via Peer Driven Change Program, Mrs. Uwingeneye has been able to gather a group of women and young girls who have acquired sewing skills but are unable to afford sewing machines. This initiative enables them to establish a means of livelihood and begin earning income.

She said, “A staff member from Hope of Family visited me and informed me that he had good news. When I arrived at Hope of Family Headquarters, I encountered nine other women, making a total of ten of us.”

 She explains that upon reaching Hope of Family, they were requested each to bring 9 women or young girls who possess limited resources but are willing to work towards enhancing their living conditions…”

Ms. Uwingeneye said, “Due to my deep passion for sewing, I immediately recollected that I had taught some young girls how to sew, but unfortunately, they were unable to afford their own sewing machines.”

She explains, “I imparted knowledge to them, but they lacked the necessary tools, such as sewing machines. Personally, I did not have the means to procure machines for them. However, after receiving support from Hope of Family, I gathered these young individuals and together we established the ICYEREKEZO Cooperative.”

Ms. Uwingeneye Jose resides in the Shyogwe sector

She stated that upon receiving assistance from Hope of Family, she became extremely delighted as she had yearned to support girls, recalling the difficulties she herself encountered prior to marriage. She realized that these girls encounter diverse challenges that demand various skills, thus aiding these children is a means to assist them in finding solutions to the issues they confront.

“So when I received support from Hope of Family and we formed a Cooperative, things began to change,” she said. She continued, “Hope of Family was able to provide us with Rwf 10,000 per month, which amounted to Rwf 100,000 per month since there were 10 of us.” “It’s a significant amount of money. This is the first time in my life that a project like this has been successfully implemented as promised, with no deceit involved.”

After establishing a Sewing Cooperative, the group also engaged in loan and savings activities. This will involve collaborating with Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCOs) to ensure efficient financial management. Mrs. Uwizeye stated, “We collected the Rwf 10,000 they provide us and divide it among the ten members, giving one member Rwf 50,000, while the remaining amount is deposited in the SACCO.”

She said,

“We are still doing it and we have seen it grow. The Rwf 50,000 we gave to one of the members can buy a sewing machine.” She adds, “Some also use the group loan to buy small animals after two or three months and eventually buy the machine. So the support has been beneficial to us in the life we had and has uplifted many of the group members. Therefore, I am grateful to Hope of Family because it has helped us immensely.”

In order to take pride in the accomplishments of this group, they have also assisted the impoverished youth in the Shyogwe sector, including those who were unable to complete their education due to a lack of resources. Mrs. Uwingeneye Jose, the President of the ICYEREKEZO Group, states that after receiving assistance from Hope of Family, they have managed to save Rwf 400,000 which will be allocated for future development projects.

As a background, these beneficiaries began receiving Rwf 10,000 per person every month provided by Hope of Family. After six months, each person received Rwf 100,000 as an incentive for the progress they have made. The members of this group state that they have a plan to establish a community sewing school. This way, they can teach more young people and express their gratitude to Hope of Family for the strides they have taken.

Hope of Family Transformed One Woman’s Life and Inspires Change through Peer Driven Change (PDC) Program

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