May 24, 2024


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Hope of Family’s Generous Donation: Changing Lives and Ensuring Health Insurance for 2000 Needy Families in Shyogwe Sector

On October 17, 2023, Hope of Family donated a total of Rwf 6 million for Health Insurance contributions to 2000 needy families living in Shyogwe sector, Muhanga district. The support was distributed to the beneficiaries during a community meeting held every Tuesday. The event was attended by Mr. Gilbert MUGABO, the Vice Mayor of Muhanga district in charge of social affairs, and Mr. NIYOMUGABO Gustave, the Executive Secretary of the Shyogwe sector.

Among the families who have received assistance are those who are already beneficiaries of Hope of Family, as well as others selected from the sector who are unable to pay for their own health insurance.

In his speech, Mr. Gilbert Mugabo expressed his gratitude to Hope of Family for the way it collaborates with the district administration in the socio-economic developing of the residents.

He also urged the residents, especially those who benefit from Hope of Family activities, to take good care of all the development activities delivered by HoF in order to sustain the achievements.

Mr. Gilbert MUGABO, the Vice Mayor of Muhanga district in charge of social affairs

He said, “We thank our partner HoF for the support of health insurance provided to our people. Hope of Family cooperates in various activities that enhance the community; there are numerous examples.” He continued, “Hope of Family has provided kitchen gardens to them, and now they are offering Health Insurance. They also assist in obtaining school supplies for your children, and some have received aid for renovating your houses. Therefore, let’s continue to maintain and support these activities, taking care of them.”

The Executive Director of HoF, Mr. Iyamuremye Nshuti Augustin, also sent a message to the residents of Shyogwe sector, reminding them that the Health Insurance support they have received is a positive thing. It provides a sense of security for family members, as they can seek medical services when one of them falls ill and receive the necessary treatment.

He once again encouraged the citizens who were present to actively engage in their children’s education and urged parents to visit their children in their respective schools as a means of supporting their education. He expressed gratitude to the sector’s management and the District for their positive collaboration in enhancing the well-being of the people residing in Shyogwe.

Iyamuremye stated, “In our role as Hope of Family, we aspire to make a greater impact by reaching out to more individuals. Unfortunately, we have only managed to provide Health Insurance to 2000 people, enabling them to access medical services.” “We genuinely desired to offer more assistance, but our financial limitations hindered us from doing so,” he explained.

He adds, “I encourage you to visit the children at school to find out the problems they are facing and areas where they lack energy, so that you can actively participate in your children’s learning journey.”

This event was also greatly appreciated by the community where they showed that HoF is always by their side in their development and they are very proud of the way it helps them and the children in their studies.

HoF has helped more than 13,158 thousand people to provide Health Insurance since it started working in Muhanga District.

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