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Graduation Ceremony: 54.30% of the graduates from INES RUHENGERI are female, while 45.79% are male

By Isabella Iradukunda Elisabeth

On Friday, October 27, 2023, a total of 825 students graduated from INES RUHENGERI. Out of these graduates, 448 were female, accounting for 54.30%, while 377 were male, making up 45.70% of the total. Additionally, 20 of the graduates, which is equivalent to 2.4%, were international students. This statistic highlights the efforts made by INES_Ruhengeri to promote its productive education. As a result, the university management has encouraged all graduates to strive for self-employment rather than solely pursuing employment opportunities.

One of the successful girls, Mpinganzima Lydivine, was awarded a computer. She said that it is a source of pride for girls to study and graduate from the university, which demonstrates the presence of capable women in Rwanda.

Mpinganzima Lydivine

She said, “We are grateful to the Government of Rwanda and our partner, FAWE, for promoting women and granting them the right to study, just like everyone else. FAWE takes care of girls and provides them with education, enabling them to pursue higher education at universities.”

She continued, “I was a village girl, FAWE has been assisting me by providing financial support. Thanks to their help, I have achieved excellent grades in the Fast Class program for Biomedical Laboratory Science.”

The executive secretary representing the governor of the northern province stated that an interesting fact is that a large number of university graduates are women and girls. He further adds that to gain a better understanding, one should examine the numbers and observe the low count of women and girls graduating from the University prior to the country’s liberation.

He continues to explain that the country’s vision relies on the youth, specifically individuals who possess knowledge and skills. Therefore, Ines Ruhengeri is dedicated to enhancing students’ capacity rather than simply granting them degrees.

Fr. Dr. Jean Bosco BARIBESHYE, Vice President. “Graduating today is not the end of your educational journey but the beginning of your life,” he said to the graduates.

He continues, “use the training and knowledge you received at INES-Ruhengeri to contribute to the problems of community development and your own.”

He said, “Be a job creator, not a job seeker. If job creation isn’t working the way you want, wherever you’re looking for a job, show value at work and show you’re great!”

The honorary chancellor Bishop Vincent Harolimana of Ruhengeri diocese in his message to the graduates of the University said that they have reached this milestone. “When you rise from the school chair and enter the university of life, where you sometimes shift positions and assess yourself in the classroom of life, it is imperative to have a clear goal and a precise understanding of your desires, as one cannot attain anything without exerting effort. You possess all the necessary qualifications to succeed,”

INES-RUHENGERI University has been established for 20 years and is located in the Majyarugu Province of Rwanda in the Musanze District. This time there are 825 people, most of whom are women and girls.

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