April 23, 2024


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Breaking Barriers: The Challenges Faced by Visually Impaired Travelers in Rwanda – Ensuring Safety and Inclusion!

Rwanda: Persons with visual impairments have expressed concerns regarding numerous obstacles they encounter during their travels, particularly within their living environments. They said they meet obstructions such as protruding objects, holes, and open spaces, which pose a significant risk to their safety and well-being.

Mugiraneza Jean Bosco, a member of the Rwanda Union of the Blind, said, “I appreciate everyone who values the blind because it brings us great joy.”

“However, the blind still face challenges in our daily lives due to poorly covered potholes, traffic congestion, and inadequate infrastructure.” He added.

“It is concerning that these obstacles are present on the pavement, where the white cane is used, as they can potentially lead to serious accidents for us.” Mugiraneza warned

Drivers who utilize roads in the city of Kigali believe that the authorities should have designated a specific area for individuals with disabilities. They argue that this would benefit everyone by reducing accident.

Hategekimana Francois, a motorist in Kigali, shares this viewpoint. He stated, “People with visual impairments should be respected just like otheras. However, we have requesting the government to create a dedicated road or pathway where everyone should maintain a cautious distance in at least 100 meters before the reach. This measure would help prevent any potential accidents or mistakes against visually impaired persons.”

The concerns about road safety for the Visually Impaired come at a time when the Rwanda Union of the Blind is holding the White Cane week under the theme “The White Cane, my independence.”

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