April 13, 2024


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On the Path to COP28 Summit: Senegalese Rural Women Pave the Way for Climate Justice

Senegalese rural women claimed to be suffering from the negative effects of climate change and organized a protest on Saturday in Dakar to demand climate justice.

Khady Camara, organizer of the march, said, “Rural women are mobilizing today because the climate crisis is at a crossroads of an environmental, health, you know what I mean, the COVID-19 pandemic, social and economic crisis.”

Senegal’s agriculture is heavily dependent on rainfall, with only 7% of its cultivated land being irrigated. This makes climate change a serious threat to the country’s agricultural sector.

The demonstration comes ahead of the COP28 summit, which is scheduled to begin on November 30 in Dubai.

Environmental lawyer, Mouhamadou Lamine Seck, defended, “Fighting climate change is very difficult, and requires human, material and financial resources that the women don’t have. That’s why they’re here today to remind the decision-makers who will be attending the next Convention of the Parties in Dubai that last year, at COP27, they were promised a green fund to support the fight against climate change.”

Significant changes have been made to the agricultural sector, with the groundnut industry, once a mainstay of the Senegalese economy, going through a dire crisis.

This crisis led to a change in the production of fruits, vegetables, and manioc in addition to cereals like millet, rice, and corn.

Notably, this is Senegalese women’s third demonstration in support of climate justice.

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