July 18, 2024


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Muntada Aid Announces Team of Midwives and Researchers have Landed in Kampala to Provide Critical Midwifery Training in Partnership with the Ugandan Government

Leading UK charity, Muntada Aid announces a team of British midwives and researchers has landed in Kampala, Uganda for their latest deployment, providing midwifery training in partnership with the local government.

The ‘Our Mothers’ programme is a partnership between University College London, the Department of Health Uganda and British charity Muntada Aid. It provides critical post-natal healthcare, midwifery training, the establishment of maternal clinics and the provision of medication. The team will be returning to Kampala from Monday 27th November to 3rd December to continue their ongoing work with midwives in the region.

Every year, around 300,000 mothers, or mothers-to-be, die in pregnancy and childbirth. The research suggests that 99% of deaths are avoidable. Most of these deaths happen in developing countries. Sub-Saharan African countries such as Uganda carry the heaviest burden of these deaths.

Challenges for maternal and neonatal health include lack of continuous training for midwives and birth attendants, limited access to medicines and poor understanding within the community about the support available in childbirth. The ‘Our Mothers’ team of doctors, nurses and medical professionals has been working in Uganda for the past 5 years to establish a long-term solution that trains and empowers maternal health practitioners across the country while providing mothers with vital medicines.

Muntada Aid is committed to providing a comprehensive in-service long-term training programme in Uganda. This will help create a workforce with the capacity and capabilities to deal with the increasing demand for healthcare services and help reduce the mortality rates during childbirth.

Alison Perry, Our Mother Programmes Manager and Dr JP Bagala, Ministry of Health, Uganda, commented,” We are delighted to be hosting the next round of workshops for midwives with our UK colleagues.  Global twinning projects can make a strong and sustainable way to contribute to improvements in maternal and newborn health.

 Giving midwives the opportunity to develop practical obstetric and newborn care emergency skills with colleagues in a respectful and professional setting is something we’re really pleased to be able to offer and support with the funding support of Muntada Aid”.

To find out more about Our Mothers. Please visit www.muntadaaid.org  

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