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Ignite Power Unveils LinX: Revolutionary Solar-Powered Internet Solution for Underserved Communities

DUBAI, UAE, December 7, 2023– Ignite Power, a leading climate-tech company pioneering sustainable energy solutions across Africa, proudly announces the launch of LinX, a groundbreaking solution designed to deliver sustainable and affordable internet access to last-mile schools, clinics, and communities across Africa. LinX, meticulously developed over the past two years, harnesses the power of solar energy to provide 100% sustainable and green internet connectivity, addressing the critical need for accessible and reliable connectivity in underserved regions.

The LinX solution integrates cutting-edge technology for data optimization, ensuring efficient and reliable internet access tailored to the unique needs of last-mile customers. This innovative solution marks a significant leap towards closing the digital divide by offering reliable connectivity everywhere, without compromising on sustainability.

Yariv Cohen, Ignite Power’s CEO

“In today’s world, internet access is a fundamental infrastructure need and a basic human right”, says Yariv Cohen, Ignite Power CEO. “We are dedicated to working tirelessly towards providing customers across the SSA region with sustainable and affordable solutions to their most urgent infrastructure needs, and the LinX technology brings us one step closer to meeting our vision of a cleaner, more inclusive reality.”

Statistics reveal that billions of people across Africa lack access to the internet, hindering their ability to access educational resources, healthcare services, and economic opportunities. Under the LinX project, Ignite Power aims to provide internet access to millions of people living in remote, rural communities, simultaneously offering power solutions to enhance lives and foster growth in these underserved communities.

Ignite Power’s recent recognition as the proud recipient of the Zayed Awards reaffirms its commitment to sustainable innovation. The accolade further fuels the organization’s drive to expand the LinX project across Africa, supporting more communities in gaining access to both power and the internet.

Building upon its vast experience of empowering 2.5 million people through sustainable energy solutions, Ignite Power recognizes the pivotal role that internet connectivity plays in shaping lives and fostering progress. This expansion amplifies the company’s mission, marking a significant milestone in its journey toward creating a lasting, positive impact by bridging the digital gap and empowering more underserved regions across the globe.

“Coupling sustainable power with accessible internet through LinX represents a transformative leap towards empowering communities”, says Cohen. “The impact of this project extends far beyond connectivity; it’s about fostering education, enabling healthcare, and unlocking economic opportunities. We believe in the transformative potential of LinX to create a future where every individual, regardless of their location, can thrive and contribute to a more connected and sustainable global society.”

About Ignite Power:

Ignite Power is building the Utility of Everything using sustainable energy solutions. We are committed to delivering innovative technologies to empower underserved communities. With a focus on solar power and groundbreaking initiatives like LinX, Ignite Power is bridging the gap between energy accessibility and technological advancement to create a brighter, more connected world.

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