July 20, 2024


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Paul Pogba could face up to four-year ban after testing positive for testosterone

Former midfielder for Manchester United and Juventus, Paul Pogba, tested positive for testosterone and faces a four-year ban; the results of counter-analysis also returned positive.

Italian anti-doping prosecutors has been subject to a maximum four-year ban for Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba following his positive testosterone test.

Pogba declined to enter into a plea agreement with Italy’s anti-doping agency, so the matter will go before the anti-doping court there. Pogba’s career could end after a four-year ban at the age of 30.

Under the World Anti-Doping Code, four-year bans are standard; however, they can be shortened if an athlete can demonstrate that their doping was accidental, if contamination caused the positive test, or if they offer ‘substantial assistance’ to investigators.

Pogba’s positive test resulted from an examination conducted following Juventus’ August 20 match against Udinese, and it was made public in September. The France international was on Juventus’ bench but did not participate in the Serie A match.

The midfield requested a counter analysis of the results of his positive doping test, but that analysis also came back positive.

It turned out that the chemical found in both samples was DHEA, which aids in the body’s production of other hormones like testosterone.

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