June 13, 2024


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Understanding the Importance of Blue Signs at Railroad Crossings

Rail Road Safety in Nevada

Look for Blue if there is a problem on the tracks, it could save a life

Railroad crossings are critical points where the safety of the public intersects with the operations of the rail industry. In a collaborative effort to enhance public safety, Rail Aware in Nevada highlights the importance of the blue Emergency Notification System (ENS) signs located at railroad crossings. Understanding and using these signs can be the difference between preventing an accident and responding to one.

The blue ENS signs are a crucial part of railroad crossing safety. These signs provide a direct line of communication to railroad authorities, enabling quick response in emergencies. Unlike calling 911, which is a general emergency line, the number on the ENS sign immediately connects individuals to the railroad’s dispatch center. This direct contact allows for faster communication of specific hazards or issues at the crossing, such as a vehicle stuck on the tracks.

Each ENS sign includes a unique crossing number, known as the U.S. Department of Transportation National Crossing Inventory Number, which pinpoints the exact location along the track. This information is vital for the railroad to notify nearby trains and take appropriate action to prevent accidents.

Rail Aware emphasizes the necessity of these signs and the critical role they play in keeping both the public and train crews safe. Observing and adhering to railroad warning signs, including the ENS signs, is a responsibility shared by all. Whether it’s avoiding trespassing on tracks or reporting an emergency at a crossing, the actions taken by individuals can prevent tragedies and save lives.

“Nationwide you see the videos of a car or truck stuck on the tracks. Then here comes the train and hits the vehicle. A simple call to the railroad by using the ENS sign, could prevent a disaster. Look for Blue if there is a problem on the tracks.” Railroad Safety Expert Rich Gent.

Moreover, the blue ENS signs at railroad crossings are not just another roadside marker; they are a direct link to railroad safety authorities, designed to prevent accidents and save lives. The public is urged to be aware of these signs and use the information provided in case of emergencies. Remember, safety at railroad crossings is a shared responsibility, and your actions can make a significant difference.

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