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Olivine: A green marvel naturally halting the world’s greatest problems of land degradation and deforestation

Sahit Muja CEO Albanian Minerals, Working on the world's largest olivine reserves

Olivine: Nature’s Green Wonder Combating the Global Challenges of Land Degradation and Deforestation

Land degradation, a consequence of human activities, emerged as a major global concern in the 21th century and remains a critical issue on the international agenda due to its profound impact on global food security and environmental quality.

Population density alone does not determine soil degradation; instead, it is the actions of a population that influence the extent of degradation. Reversing this trend necessitates a healthy, politically and economically motivated populace, as factors like subsistence agriculture, poverty, and illiteracy contribute to soil and environmental degradation. Land degradation, manifested through water and wind erosion, salinization, or compaction, signifies a decline in productivity or utility.

Land degradation arises from a mismatch between soil quality and use, driven by physical, chemical, and biological processes. Physical processes include soil structure decline, leading to crusting, compaction, erosion, and desertification. Chemical processes involve acidification, leaching, and fertility depletion, while biological processes encompass carbon reduction and biodiversity decline.

The causes of soil degradation encompass deforestation, overgrazing, overexploitation for fuelwood, agricultural activities, increased flooding, and industrialization. Globally, overgrazing, agricultural activities, and deforestation contribute 35%, 28%, and 30%, respectively.

An astounding 40% of the Earth’s dry land is allocated to crop growth and pastureland, with agriculture being a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Concerns mount as the world potentially faces topsoil depletion within 60 years, leading to a 30% reduction in food production over the next 20-50 years.

The UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) has unveiled its inaugural Data Dashboard, consolidating national reporting figures from 126 countries. The alarming findings reveal that land degradation is accelerating at an unprecedented pace across all regions. From 2015 to 2019, the world witnessed an annual loss of no less than 100 million hectares of fertile land, equivalent to twice the size of Greenland. These stark statistics emphasize the imperative for immediate intervention, as the relentless progression of land degradation destabilizes markets, communities, and ecosystems on a global scale.

Sahit Muja, CEO of Albanian Minerals, emphasized the company’s commitment to understanding nature and crafting natural solutions for the world’s most pressing issues. Soil degradation, a pervasive problem affecting every continent, underscores its critical importance in the 21st century, with some areas experiencing up to a 75% loss of topsoil. This degradation significantly impacts farm productivity, the environment, food security, and overall quality of life.

Addressing soil degradation requires the adoption of sustainable practices, including carbon sequestration, responsible farming techniques, and innovative approaches such as utilizing human waste as fertilizer. Emphasizing the vital link between soil health and global food quality, Sahit Muja stated that substantial research conducted by Albanian Minerals and partners global in both fertile and impoverished soils worldwide has led to the discovery of a natural solution to combat pollution, land degradation and deforestation.

Utilizing nature to heal nature, the company’s approach involves using minerals to substitute depleted elements, reduce acidity, cleanse heavy metal pollutants, sequester CO2, and increase overall land productivity. Muja highlighted their collaboration with top universities and scientists, employing cutting-edge technology and AI to revolutionize natural solutions to global problems. The incorporation of new biomes, organic nutrition, and a combination of minerals aims to clean air, land, and water in the process. The company’s teams are dedicated to finding comprehensive solutions to address one of the world’s greatest challenges.

Sahit Muja emphasized that addressing the challenge of feeding 8.1 billion people while ensuring access to clean air and water stands as humanity’s paramount task today. He highlighted the abundance and diversity of Mother Nature’s resources, emphasizing the importance of harnessing them optimally through the application of clean energy, science, and technology.

Reflecting on his life’s journey, Muja shared that his pursuit has been centered on discovering the most effective ways to confront challenges with innovative solutions, creating businesses and opportunities for both the present and future generations. Muja expressed satisfaction with the progress made so far, leveraging natural solutions.

In a notable announcement for 2023, Muja proudly declared the following top achievements:
Halting soil degradation and deforestation: Sahit Muja revealed, “In an extremely impoverished soil, we successfully revitalized the area using magnesium olivine as the primary mineral—a mineral rich in over 20 essential nutrients for life. Our approach involved a strategic combination of additional minerals, local organic fertilizers, and the implementation of diverse biomes. We introduced the world’s fastest-growing trees, regional fruit trees, grass, and vegetables into the land. Over a span of 5 years, this once-barren area has transformed into an astonishing ‘garden of Eden.’ The soil has become fertile, retaining water effectively, eliminating acidity, and rapidly sequestering CO2 through mineral weathering and enhanced biodiversity. The crops boast unparalleled quality, coupled with a remarkable increase in production previously unseen on this region. This groundbreaking technology is currently in progress, and by 2024, we anticipate scaling up our efforts to process much more land.”

Unveiling the Visionary: Meet the Mastermind Driving Groundbreaking Work and Innovation; Entrepreneur Sahit Muja, with a net worth of 3.5 billion USD, spearheads groundbreaking initiatives in climate change solutions. His management of vast natural resources has led to innovative and sustainable breakthroughs, including CO2 sequestration, water pollution mitigation, ocean acidification control, and land degradation prevention.

These efforts simultaneously yield essential minerals crucial for eco-friendly transactions. Renowned for his influence and visionary leadership, Muja’s success stems from significant private ownership of minerals valued at hundreds of billions, making him a pivotal figure in the global market. His strategic vision aligns with clean energy and the EV supply chain, revitalizing struggling mining sites, enhancing safety standards, and stimulating economic growth.

Expanding beyond mining, Muja revitalizes businesses, contributes to economic growth, and supports local communities. His recent strategy focuses on battery ingredient minerals for the clean energy transition, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to environmental standards. Engaged in global mining projects, Muja leads as the Founder and CEO of Global Mining, Green Minerals, and Albanian Minerals. His diverse investments span construction, real estate, and over 500 companies globally. Notably, he possesses the world’s largest magnesium reserves, substantial reserves of nickel, cobalt, rare earth minerals, and one of the world’s largest high-grade chromium reserves.

Co-founding a U.S.-based company, Muja addresses major global challenges, including climate change, water pollution, air pollution, land degradation, and deforestation. Particularly emphasizing magnesium, he sees it as a sustainable supply for new batteries and lighter alloys, with applications ranging from hydrogen production to wind turbines, robots, and carbon dioxide capture. Recognized as one of the world’s best business leaders, Muja leads a diverse team of experts, showcasing his commitment to the sustainable use of natural resources.

He underscores the importance of new technologies in the mining industry to meet global climate ambitions, focusing on innovations promoting sustainable extraction and green mining practices. Sahit Muja’s journey, dedication to innovation, technology, philanthropy, and addressing global challenges position him as a notable and influential figure in the business world.

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