April 19, 2024


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Veganza Animal Heroes and Miami Rapper Help Animals and the Planet with New Music Video

Photo credit Nigel Duarte: L to R: Freedom/Korin Sutton, Veganza/Susan Hargreaves, Courage/Sky Bison, Free Bison the Vegan Rapper, after filming in Calabasas

Miami Rapper and Veganza Animal Heroes from the book series team up to create more heroes for animals and the planet

Miami Rapper and Veganza Animal Heroes Help Animals & The Planet With New Music Video

Miami rapper Free Bison and the “Veganza Animal Heroes” characters from the book series of the same name join forces to help animals and the planet in a new original music video.

So far, the catchy and free music video has been viewed on Instagram almost 24,000 times. The goal of the video is to foster empathy and an awareness of all species of animals and the planet.

“The world needs Veganza Animal Heroes’ positive, proactive, practical tips on being a superhero for the earth and its inhabitants” states, Susan Hargreaves, “Music is the universal language to convey our message of kindness.”

The video is produced by the non-profit organization Animal Hero Kids, which engages and encourages people of all ages to be heroes for animals.

The vegan rapper, Free Bison, and the plant-powered superhero characters visit schools in South Florida and around the world providing free programs as part of the Be an Animal Hero project. Vegan food activities and free, original books full of inspiring animal rescue stories by Susan Hargreaves are also included.

Freedom is played by professional vegan body builder, Korin Sutton. Courage, the vegan mermaid, is played by Sky Bison, dancer, actress, and sister to Free Bison. Veganza is played by Susan Hargreaves, the Skipping Stone Honor Award-winning author of the Veganza book series and founder of Animal Hero Kids inc.

Free Bison, Veganza Heroes at MUSE Global School founded by Suzy Amis Cameron and James Cameron.

The South Florida locals filmed part of the music video in Los Angeles at MUSE Global school, which was founded by filmmaker James Cameron and Suzy Amis Cameron. The school is the first all plant-based school in the United States.

Joaquin Phoenix contributed a supportive quote to support the mission of this global charity.

“I was an animal hero at 3 years old when I felt that animals had the right to live free of harm and suffering. It is vital to foster empathy and critical thinking in youth which leads to compassionate actions, and ultimately, a more peaceful world for all.”

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