April 20, 2024


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Charting the Future: Low Carbon Fuels Summit 2024 Tackles Challenges And Opportunities of Scaling Low-Carbon Fuels Economy

Low Carbon Fuels Summit

Sustainability, decarbonization, challenges and opportunities in scaling Low Carbon Fuels to be explored at Singapore summit on 27 – 28 February.

Prepare for a transformative exploration of sustainability, decarbonization, and climate change impact on fuels dynamics at the highly anticipated Low Carbon Fuels Summit 2024. Scheduled on 27th – 28th of February in Singapore, and supported by Associate sponsor Apical, this 1.5-day summit is set to unite industry experts across diverse sectors to delve into key themes shaping the low-carbon fuels landscape.

Key Themes:
1. Global Biofuels Market Outlook: Navigating New Regulations and Strategies
Gain valuable insights into the global biofuels market outlook, unravelling the impact of new regulations and exploring innovative strategies to navigate the evolving landscape of biofuels.

2. Commercializing Advanced Biofuels in Asia: Unravelling Feedstock Availability
Delve into the commercialization strategies of advanced biofuels in the Asian market, while addressing the critical issue of feedstock availability. Uncover innovative solutions driving the industry towards a sustainable future.

3. Decarbonizing Land Transport: Impact of EV/Hybrid on the Biodiesel Industry
Explore the transformative impact of electric and hybrid vehicles on the biodiesel industry, as industry leaders discuss strategies for decarbonizing land transport in an era of evolving technologies.
4. Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF): Navigating Growth Trends and New Technologies
Immerse yourself in a panel discussion focused on the sustainable growth trends of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Explore new technologies such as methanol to jet and power to liquid that are reshaping the aviation industry.

5. Future of Marine Fuels: Green Methanol, Green Ammonia, and More
Engage in insightful panel discussions on the future of marine fuels, exploring the role of green methanol, green ammonia, liquid hydrogen, and other innovations. Navigate the complexities of carbon pricing in the shipping industry.

6. Green Hydrogen: Unlocking the Potential for a Sustainable Future
Embark on a journey into the realm of green hydrogen, exploring its potential to transform the energy landscape. Uncover the latest developments, innovations, and strategies driving the adoption of green hydrogen.

This unparalleled event offers a unique platform to connect with industry leaders and experts from SE Asia, Asia, Oceania, Europe, United States, Africa and beyond.

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