April 19, 2024


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The Toxic Toll: How Deforestation and Air Pollution Are Hobbling Kenya’s Athletes

Kenya’s high-altitude areas serve as ideal training grounds for the country’s athletes. However, human activities have caused deforestation in these areas. This has left the regions vulnerable to environmental degradation and air pollution, which have an impact on athlete performance.

The reduction in tree cover not only disrupts the natural balance, but it also jeopardizes air quality in these high-performance zones. Athletes training in these locations may have negative effects on their respiratory systems and overall health.

In the documentary #RaceAgainstClimate, which explores the impact of climate change on athletes, NTV interviewed Dr. Phillip Osano about the importance of air quality sensors.

Dr. Osano revealed that urban areas face greater challenges due to air pollution than other regions. This is due to high vehicle emissions, ineffective waste management practices (including waste combustion), and the concentration of industries within city limits.

He emphasized the importance of air quality monitoring for athletes, explaining that detecting impurities in the air allows them to assess compliance with World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines.

As a result, athletes gain valuable insights into when it is safe to exercise and which areas are best suited to their activities.

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