June 17, 2024


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Kigali: Don Bosco Nursery and Primary School Celebrates Feast Day with Sacraments and New Building Opening

BY Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU

On February 10, 2024, Don Bosco Nursery and Primary School in Kimihurura, Kigali City, held a joyous celebration to commemorate the Feast of Don Bosco. The event was made even more special as it included the Sacrament of Baptism and the first communion sacrament for the children studying at the school. Additionally, the event marked the blessing and official opening of the school buildings.

The day began with a holy Mass celebration led by Father Provincial Pierre Celestin Ngoboka, who was recognized for his significant contributions to the school. Parents, youth, local government representatives, and teachers of Don Bosco Nursery and Primary School were present to partake in the festivities.

The Mass commenced at Nine o’clock in the morning, followed by the administration of the sacraments at 11 o’clock. At around 11:30, a blessing ceremony for the school buildings took place, officially marking their opening.

Despite the rain, a party organized by the children was held in the well-built school veranda, providing warmth and shelter for the young performers entertaining their parents under the tent.

During the event, heartfelt messages were shared, expressing gratitude for everyone’s role in improving children’s education while instilling Christian values.

Celebrating Milestones and Call for Continued Cooperation

In his remarks Father Ntirenganya Jean Bosco, the Director of the Don Bosco IFAK Community, expressed gratitude towards Father Provincial for his instrumental role in the establishment and development of Don Bosco Nursery and Primary School.

He extended his appreciation for the support provided in constructing the school buildings and securing funding.

Father Ntirenganya emphasized the importance of following in Don Bosco’s footsteps, aiming to nurture individuals who are intellectually and emotionally well-rounded.

Reflecting on the progress made over the past three years, Father Ntirenganya acknowledged the significant strides taken by the school.

However, he also highlighted that there is still much work to be done in various areas, such as education and infrastructure. He stressed the importance of collaborative efforts, stating that collective cooperation will enable the school to achieve further success.

In his turn Father Provincial Pierre Celesin Ngoboka delved into the history of the school in his speech, recounting how it all began. Following a visit to EPAK Primary School after the COVID-19 pandemic, Father Provincial was astonished to find a Nursery classroom on the ground floor.

Motivated by his belief in separating primary education from Nursery school, he sought assistance from a friend who generously supported the construction of the school and in the beginning he gave him about Euros 80,000 to kick start construction works.

Expressing his gratitude for this blessing, Father Provincial acknowledged that Don Bosco Nursery and Primary School has flourished under divine providence.

 He expressed his wish for the school to continue thriving even he will be completing his term as Provincial of the Africa of the Great Lakes Province which covers (Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda), urging parents to maintain their cooperation.

Father Provincial called for the creation of an educational community where everyone works together towards a common goal.

Reflecting Don Bosco’s Legacy

The celebration also served as an opportunity to reflect on Don Bosco’s continuous legacy in helping parents raise their children to become upright citizens who love God and their country.

Following the speeches and messages, a sharing of food and drinks took place to further commemorate the occasion. The festive atmosphere allowed parents, teachers, and students to come together and celebrate the achievements of Don Bosco Nursery and Primary School.

The event not only marked an important religious celebration but also highlighted the growth and development of the school.

With the opening of the new buildings, Don Bosco Nursery and Primary School can continue to provide a nurturing environment for children to learn and grow academically, spiritually, and morally.

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