May 28, 2024


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Rwanda: Prime Minister Encourages Rwanda Polytechnic Graduates to Use Knowledge for Country’s Development

During the graduation ceremony and certificate awarding event for 3024 students who graduated from the Rwanda Polytechnic (RP) for the seventh time, Rwanda’s Prime Minister Dr. Édouard Ngirente urged the graduates to embrace politeness as a key factor in achieving success in their lives. He emphasized that the knowledge they possess as young individuals should be utilized for the purpose of rebuilding and developing their country.

Dr. Ngirente commended the graduates for their dedication to their courses and highlighted the significance of professions and education as essential pillars of both the national and global economy. He underscored the Government of Rwanda’s commitment to valuing vocational and technical education, noting various reforms that have been implemented to recognize the qualifications of those who have pursued such courses.

As part of these reforms, the Prime Minister mentioned enhancements made to secondary schools to ensure that students are well-prepared to pursue further studies at institutions like Rwanda Polytechnic. Additionally, he stated that the government has elevated the status of graduates from vocational and technical courses, granting them equal opportunities to pursue higher education at all levels.

Offering advice to the graduates, Dr. Ngirente emphasized the importance of utilizing their knowledge for the betterment of their country, personal progress, and the advancement of their families. He urged young people to channel their skills towards national development rather than misuse them, which could potentially harm the country’s growth.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister called upon parents to recognize the value of learning Technical skills, while also appealing to the private sector to support graduates by providing employment opportunities. By fostering a collaborative effort between the government, educational institutions, families, and businesses, Dr. Ngirente expressed optimism for the continued development of Rwanda through the contributions of its educated youth.

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