June 17, 2024


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Shenmo Education Rwanda Introduces Abacus Mental Math to Improve Education and Academic Excellence in Rwanda

Shenmo Education Rwanda hosted a competition on Saturday, May 25, 2024, showcasing the effectiveness of their Abacus Mental Math program in various schools across Rwanda. The program teaches children to calculate large numbers quickly using only their brains, helping them to enhance their knowledge and excel in their studies.

Students participating in the competition demonstrated their ability to memorize and swiftly calculate numbers without the use of technology. The event was attended by Mugenzi Ntawukurirayo Leon, Head of Teacher Development and Management Department in Rwanda Basic Education Board- REB, who expressed his satisfaction with the program.

Mr. Mugenzi announced plans to introduce the Abacus Mental Math program in public schools in order to improve students’ mathematical skills and academic achievement.

Shenmo Education Rwanda, a leader in providing innovative educational opportunities for children in Rwanda, is spearheading this initiative.

UWITONZE Brigitte, Principal Shenmo Education Rwanda, highlighted the success of the program in six private schools and at the Shenmo training center, where parents bring their children on weekends and holidays to enhance their mental arithmetic skills.

 She emphasized the importance of developing children’s intelligence and academic success through mental math, citing the inspiration behind the program from Shenmo International in China.

Brigitte stated, “We saw the positive impact of the program in China and believed Rwandan children deserved the same opportunity. By teaching children to perform math calculations mentally, without relying on technology, we are helping them sharpen their minds and improve their focus on their studies, ultimately leading to greater success in school.”

She mentioned that they have already introduced the program to the Rwanda Education Board (REB) and are hopeful for a positive response.

“We aim to reach all Rwandan children with this program,” Brigitte stated. “While we initially started with private institutions, we are pleased that REB has recognized the value of this program in educating children. We are eager to collaborate with them and are currently awaiting their decision. So far, we have seen success in 70% of the institutions we have partnered with.”

Brigitte emphasized the importance of making the program accessible to all children, including those in Public schools. She highlighted that Abacus Mental Math is not limited to numbers and can benefit children of all abilities.

The program is designed for children aged 4 to 12, as this is when their brain development is most significant. Brigitte commended the schools they work with for their support in making the program available to a wide range of school children.

“We believe that with the government’s support, we can make this program available to all Rwandan children,” Brigitte concluded. “Our goal is to provide a valuable educational tool that can benefit children across the country.”

One of the teachers, Irabaruta Josiane, who instructs students in Abacus Mental Math believes that the program is beneficial in stimulating different parts of a child’s brain and in preventing them from forgetting what they have learned.

She emphasized the importance of using one’s brain actively in order to complete complex calculations mentally.

Josiane stated, “Abacus Mental Math is a valuable lesson that has shown positive results in the learning and academic success of students. It would be beneficial for all students to have access to this program.”

Murisa Esperance, a mother whose child won a gold medal and a trophy in African Abacus Mental Math in Nigeria last year, credits the success to the child’s early exposure to Abacus mental math.

 Esperance noted the child’s increased confidence and enthusiasm for learning, particularly in subjects like science.

She expressed hope that the Rwandan Education Board (REB) would consider integrating Abacus Mental Math into the curriculum of all schools, as she believes it greatly benefits students in their academic pursuits.

Mr. Mugenzi Ntawkuririyayo Leon expressed his gratitude towards Shenmo Education Rwanda for introducing the Abacus Mental Math program, stating that he believes it is a valuable tool that can yield positive outcomes by enhancing children’s quick thinking and response skills.

He said, “I want to extend my thanks to the organizers of this competition, as it is truly a remarkable event. It is evident that private schools have already started implementing this program, and today we, as the national body responsible for basic education, are here to witness how children with sharp thinking abilities can benefit from it. We are considering the possibility of introducing this program in public schools, as it is clear that it enhances children’s cognitive abilities and boosts their performance.”

Mr. Leon emphasized the importance of the Abacus Mental Math program, highlighting that the government recognizes its potential to improve learning outcomes by fostering quick thinking and effective problem-solving skills among students.

He expressed optimism about the collaboration with Shenmo Education Rwanda and suggested that implementing the program in public schools could significantly enhance the overall learning experience for children.

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