July 19, 2024


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Empowering Rwandan Youth through Competency-Based Assessment: A Workshop by APEFE and RTB

APEFE is conducting a 4-day workshop in collaboration with RTB for Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) in partnership with Technical Secondary Schools from May 28-31 at Splendid Hotel Muhanga.

The workshop also included Professional Associations with in-company trainers, to ensure a seamless assessment process for the 2nd cohort of apprentices of IGIRA Kā€™UMURIMO UHANGE AKAZI program.

Participants aim to: Prepare Assessment tools and instruments, Gain guidance in organizingĀ the certification of 2nd cohort of apprentices and Prepare a list of consumables during the assessment at Technical Secondary Schools (TSSs)

Igira Ku Murimo Uhange Akazi program, implemented by APEFE Rwanda and Rwanda’s Ministry of Public Service and Labour and financed by the Belgian Cooperation – DGD, continues to make impactful strides in empowering and guiding the workplace learning in Rwanda.

APEFE is a Belgian organization that mobilizes its resources and expertise to serve the countries of the South for strengthening their capacities to implement their Development policy in the sectors of education, agriculture and environment, health, governance, and the private sector.

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