July 22, 2024


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Musanze: Students are getting ready for the upcoming elections

By Isabella Iradukunda Elisabeth

In preparation for the presidential and parliamentary elections set to take place in July 2024, students in Musanze District are getting prepared for their role in the electoral process. In the centers where the elections will be held, students have been informed about all the requirements for participating in the elections, and those who are eligible to vote have already completed all the necessary paperwork.

Students at GS Muhoza II School in Muhoza Sector have shared that those who have come of age to obtain an identity card have already done so, and they have been briefed on the voting procedures for the upcoming combined elections.

Ntwari Andre, a third-year student, explained, “To vote at the polling station, you need to have an ID card. I have mine; ID Cards were distributed to us here at school. Our leaders discussed it with us during assembly and informed us about the election process.”

Another student, Kirabo Shaaron from Nyagatare District studying at Ecole Islamic de Ruhengeri in Musanze, mentioned, “I believe the elections are scheduled to begin on July 15th. As students, we will also be taking our state exams during that time. They have informed us that we will participate in the elections since we won’t be able to vote at home but at the nearest polling station.”

Kirabo further elaborated on the voting process, stating, “We will be casting our votes in two stages. First, we will vote for the president. They told us that the ballot box for the president is white, and for the deputies, it is black and white. When going to vote, we must carry our identity card as proof of our Rwandan citizenship.”

Educational institution leaders have ensured that students are well-informed about the upcoming elections. Ruhanamirindi Samil, Director of Ecole Secondaire Islamic de Ruhengeri, mentioned, “We collaborated with the Electoral Commission at the sector and district levels. On June 6th, they came to discuss election plans with the students. It is important for them to be informed like all Rwandans. Those residing away from their hometowns are encouraged to register on the voter’s list to ensure they can vote.”

The director of GS Muhoza II, Rukundo Anastase, emphasized the importance of preparing students for transparent and honest voting. He stated, “It is our responsibility to ensure they vote in a manner that benefits us all and contributes to our country’s development.”

As the campaigning period for candidates approaches, students are curious about how they will gauge the strengths and intentions of each candidate vying for leadership. Despite restrictions on campaigning in their schools, students are eager to participate in the democratic process.

The election dates have been set for July 14th, 15th, and 16th. Rwandans living abroad will vote on July 14th, those within Rwanda on July 15th, and special categories such as youth, women, and disabled representatives on July 16th.

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