July 19, 2024


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Muhanga: A Private School excels in Cambridge Primary Checkpoint

In its first Cambridge Primary Checkpoint examinations, Ahazaza Independent School, located in Muhanga district in the South of Rwanda, has demonstrated exceptional performance.

The Cambridge Primary Checkpoint examinations that were held in April 2024 saw outstanding results from Ahazaza’s students.

Notably, Atete Kubwimana Bernise achieved perfect scores in English and Mathematics (50/50) and an outstanding 42/50 in Science.

Another student, Izere Jabo Nganji Bravado Brilliant, also excelled with scores of 41/50 in English, 50/50 in Mathematics, and 46/50 in Science.

Atete Kubwimana Bernise attributes their success to “the love and support of our teachers who helped us sleeplessly to shape our future in education.”

Dr. Dusingize Marie Paul, President of the parents having kids at Ahazaza Independent School, expressed her excitement about the results, “The reaction is positive. The results mainly remain excellent. This shows efforts made by kids, professional teachers’ contribution, good school coordination, and parents’ involvement.” 

According to Dr. Dusingize, the introduction of the Cambridge program has brought about changes which keep pupils in good progress in their studies.

“This program offers opportunities to pupils who receive not only national programs but also international programs. They are introduced to a broad knowledge and culture and with the certificate they can access Cambridge Secondary Schools across the globe without further admission exams.”

Teachers and parents expressed their thankfulness to Mrs. Raina Luff, the President of AHAZAZA Non-Government Organization, who brought this program.

“I am so happy as our Cambridge results are far above the international level. I was really surprised.” said Raina Luff, thanking all of Ahazaza’s teachers.

Flavien Muhire, Interim Director of Ahazaza Independent School, emphasized the various opportunities that international programs provide with students.

The Cambridge Pathway offers a comprehensive education journey, starting from Cambridge Early Years (age 3+) through to Cambridge Advanced (age 16+), covering a wide range of subjects and skills.

According to Daniel Habyarimana, District Director of Education, Muhanga is proud of having a school that offers both national and international programs.

 He states, “Having a school that adheres to the national curriculum while also providing the esteemed Cambridge International Program is a significant asset. The Cambridge program’s international recognition means that students, if they need to continue their studies outside Rwanda, can seamlessly transition to schools worldwide.”

Mr. Habyarimana also encouraged other schools, both private and public, in the district to collaborate with Ahazaza Independent School.

“By partnering with Ahazaza, schools can benefit from their expertise and success in delivering international education,” he asserts.

Cambridge Assessment International Education, a non-profit department of the University of Cambridge, provides these international qualifications to over 10,000 schools in more than 160 countries. In Rwanda, various schools, mainly those from Rwanda’s capital city, Kigali, have adopted the Cambridge curriculum, joining a global community of learners.

The success of Ahazaza Independent School in implementing the Cambridge program and achieving outstanding results in the Primary Checkpoint examinations serves as a beacon for international education in Rwanda.

Ahazaza Independent School, which opened its doors in 2006 with just two teachers and 12 pupils, has grown significantly over the years.

The school now boasts a student body of 563 pupils. In 2020, Ahazaza received accreditation for Cambridge programs, marking a significant milestone in its educational journey.

Flavien Muhire, Interim Director of Ahazaza Independent School
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