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Africa Innovation Summit opens in Kigali

Rwanda’s Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente, has revealed that a research and innovation fund to address the key needs of Rwanda will soon be launched adding that Resolutions and recommendations from Africa Innovation Summit which takes place in Kigali from this Wednesday 6th 2018 will play a key role.

Prime Minister Ngirente was addressing participants from at least 44 countries gathered in Kigali to discuss innovative and disruptive solutions to the major challenges facing African countries, which include energy access, water, food insecurity, health systems, and governance.

“The challenge facing Africa is building robust ecosystems of innovation. I am happy that AIS is helping our countries build a culture of innovation as a way of life. It is a critical element of development and economic growth. In Rwanda, we will be launching a research and innovation fund to address the key needs of our country. Resolutions and recommendations from AIS will play a key role,” said Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente.

As a platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue and actions, AIS II is Africa’s only summit on innovation that seeks to foster action-driven dialogue between African innovators and stakeholders in Government, private sector, civil society and academia to ensure African solutions are concretely given the opportunity to scale in a measurable way. The summit will continue until 8 June 2018.

From 600 applications from 44 countries, a selected group of 50 innovators will have a unique opportunity to engage stakeholders in discussing potential solutions to some of the blockages that are preventing solutions from going to scale

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