August 9, 2022


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Rwanda counts zero Rwandan refugee in DRC-Kayumba

KAYUMBA Olivier/PS-MINEMA (Photo-MINEMA website)

This was announced during a radio talk show known as Murisanga aired on Tuesday, 6th February 2018 on Voice Of America (V.O.A) where Thomas Kamirindi, the radio presenter was coordinating a conversation between Musana Narcisse one of representatives of the said to be Rwandan refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Olivier Kayumba the Permanent Secretary at Ministry of Emergency Management of Rwanda.

They were discussing the issue of those Rwandan refugees who accuse Rwanda to try to bring them back home by force.

Musana says that they used to see Rwandan army attacking them where they live; though he doesn’t give any tangible proof that Rwandan army attacked them.

Olivier Kayumba refused those allegations adding that there is no proof of Rwandan army in DRC for that operation.

He added that since December 31st, 2017, Rwanda removed the refugee status on every Rwandan, the reason why the government of Rwanda counts no refugee either in DRC or elsewhere.

Musana asked the PS why they use to take Rwandans who came from DRC to Mutobo camp, but Kayumba replied that the ones they take to Mutobo are those who come through MONUSCO most of them being former militias.

However, with the Ebola issue in Congo nowadays, the civilians who come through UNHCR are taken to transit centres for what they call medical checking and after few days they let them join their respective families.

On behalf of those said to be Rwandan refugees who are in DRC, Musana revealed that they are not ready to come back home because they don’t feel secure in Rwanda.

This is why Kayumba Olivier suggested that they can stay in Congo and once they need Rwandan passport, it will be given to them, and live as Rwandans who reside in DRC.

It was revealed that more than 200 thousand are Rwandan refugees based in Eastern Congo, the statistics that the government of Rwanda doesn’t accept as by now they are waiting the notification from their counterparts from DRC.


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