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New Faces in SACCO ICYEREKEZO-Kinyinya


By DUSABEMUNGU Ange de la Victoire

The General Assembly of SACCO Icyerekezo-Kinyinya has elected new leadership to replace the out-going Team which has faced tougher times in the past two years comparing to previous years.

In the past two years various reports whether from Media or individuals indicated that there was a mismanagement of SACCO Icyerekezo Kinyinya which resulted into the interest drop from Rwf 12 million in 2017 down to Rwf 4 million in 2018

Officials said “The Manager of SACCO Icyerekezo Kinyinya whom the outgoing Management has sacked has abused the Kinyinya SACCO office to the point she tricked them until they committed a very serious mistake by aproving fake financial documents for which they are regretting.”

Speaking at the General Assembly of SACCO Icyerekezo Kinyinya, Mutsindashyaka Andre the outgoing President of the said SACCO apologized to all members saying that “We are regretting the recklessness during the past two years where a Manager (Niwemugeni Chantal) has tricked us until we realized that there is something wrong going on in the SACCO.”

The Private Audit report has indicated that Niwemugeni Chantal (sacked) has willingly mismanaged SACCO Icyerekezo to the point she even used favoritism and nepotism when she was signing the release of credit and loans.

“Imagine! The audit showed how Niwemugeni’s reports that she used to send to the District were very different from the reality. Based on the findings if Niwemugeni was still here today, we should have immediately sacked her. She has totally abused her office and she deserved the dismissal.” said Ronjin Kagabo a SACCO Auditor at Rwanda Cooperative Agency.

According to officials apart from the mismanagement of SACCO Icyerekezo Kinyinya, there were also other issues which needed a quick responses among them no team work among employees where they used also to fight each other in the office, there are missing documents until now no one knows their whereabouts, credits that were given to people but can’t be traced because of lack of their financial statements among many others.

“It’s obvious that when we started to make a follow up to find out real issue in the SACCO, the Manager took away all documents to hide the reality of things in her office.” Mutsindashyaka explains.

Even if SACCO Icyerekezo Kinyinya was hit by the above mentioned crisis, available statistics shows that SACCO Icyerekezo Kinyinya is still safe from the loss.

“Really as a result of the mismanagement, what happened is that there was a drop of Interest and issues in loan recovery because there are no documents related to the loan or people with collateral whose value is less than the loan given.”Explained Nsengiyumva Simon the new Manager of SACCO Icyerekezo Kinyinya.

“In 2017 we have recorded the total interest of Rwf 12,806,836 and in 2018 we have recorded interest of Rwf 4,701,097 with the drop down of over Rwf 8 million. This is the proof that there was a mismanagement of the SACCO,”  Nsengiyumva added

Leave sentimentality behind

 Both RCA and Out-going Board Team of SACCO Icyerekezo Kinyinya advised the new elected Team to leave sentiments behind if they are to avoid same mistake.

Mutsindashyaka said “It is obvious that my team has used sentimentality when it was dealing with challenges that SACCO was facing. We should not have committed such mistake if we were tough on dealing with the Manager. What we did, we were trying to bring her in the right way while reminding her responsibilities but what we didn’t know is that we were not aware of the heaviness of the problem. So avoid recklessness in decision making.”

After swearing in the new elected team, the Executive Secretary of Kinyinya Sector Umuhoza Rwabukumba reminded them that the primary responsibility is to make sure that SACCO is developing and members are developing.

“As representatives of other members, your role is to bring positive change in the SACCO and among beneficiaries. SACCO is not that building! SACCO is your constructive ideas. Being elected by members’ means you are able to bring that change.” She says.

On behalf of the new Team Sezikeye Jacques the New President of Kinyinya SACCO pledges to do whatever in their capacity to bring the Saving and Credit Cooperative to another level.

“We thank the outgoing Team and we have heard the advices you gave us, we promise our effort in addressing what is not addressed. You have done a lot since the creation of this SACCO even if those challenges arisen but you did a lot.” He noted.

To date the social capital in Kinyinya SACCO stands at Rwf 83 million while the total deposit is over Rwf 400 million.



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