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Thank you Peace Corps Volunteers!

American Peace Corp Volunteer in Rwandan school

My names are Emmanuel INGABIRE!
When I was in senior one in ordinary level(studying at G.S KINIHIRA), I was very shy and afraid of Speaking ENGLISH in front of others.

In 2011, When I got in senior two and our school got a chance of receiving two American Peace corps Volunteers namely Andrew Kinton and Carina Kinton where they was a husband and wife.

They came to teach us English. After Seeing my weakness in speaking English they first told this “Don’t fail to try, but try to fail”! They taught us English for listening and Speaking. In their first year, they chose 5 students who did good in their classes and I was one of them.

With the chosen students, we attended the Camp BE where we met with other Peace corps Volunteers and their best students so that we had to share Happiness, Ideas and Culture.That CAMP BE took one week and all students had to use English in the whole week.

What Interested me there was Lessons that I learnt such as:
-Self Confidence
-Goal setting
-HIV/AIDS Prevention

That’s when I started my journey of being the real me by having Confidence in me.

Because of my participation in this Camp BE I was selected to be one of the Junior Facilitator in the next Camp BE 2012 that took  place in HVP Gatagara where I had Duties in Organising Camp Activities and Helping other Campers to feel free.

Because I attended those two Camps, I have respect in community and even in my volunteer work.

When our first PCVs was going to return in America, they prepared a talent show and me with other two boys sang for them this song:


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