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OUT NOW: Shikoku by Mose Fan Fan & Somo Somo

Mose Fan- Fan was a real wanderer. Originally from Congo Kinshasa, little is known about his early years, but he came to fame on arrival in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania where he was recruited by Kitenzogu Makassy to join Orchestra Makassy. Orchestra Makassy were the rage throughout East Africa within months of their formation culminating with their stellar album “Legends of East Africa” that was to be released world-wide by Virgin Records.

For Mose there was no stopping. He got to the U.K somehow, and there was no stopping.  He got to the UK somehow, and there he stayed! A good guitarist (he could play lead, rhythm or bass) there was always work to be heard. He still makes a living in the London area, but hopes to go back to Kinshasa one day.




  1. Shikamoo

Mose Fan Fan & Somo Somo

Mose Fan Fan

  1. Kimoze

Mose Fan Fan & Somo Somo

Mose Fan Fan

  1. Masikini Ya Mola

Mose Fan Fan & Somo Somo

Mose Fan Fan

  1. L’Argent Appelle L’Argent

Mose Fan Fan & Somo Somo

Mose Fan Fan


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