July 15, 2024


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Regional govts urged to invest in internet infrastructure

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Researchers at the Lusaka-based COMESA Secretariat have recommended that governments in the regional bloc consider improving digital infrastructural foundations to improve internet so as to boost service delivery to citizens during the Covid-19 crisis.

COMESA, the Common Market for Eastern and Southern America is an economic bloc that brings together 19 countries that include Rwanda.

Improving digital infrastructural foundations to improve internet, Jane Kibiru, Research Fellow at the COMESA Secretariat explained, “is about bridging the digital divide between the urban and rural population.”

She told The New Times that: “This can be done through investment in high quality and affordable communication infrastructure and services as the demand for reliable and fast connections are expected to rise with the new digital way of working and living.”

Benedict Musengele, Senior Research Fellow at the COMESA Secretariat said in an interview that “it is very critical during this Covid-19 period as well as for the post-pandemic recovery period.”

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