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Kwibohora26: How far is Nyaruguru District 26 years after Genocide

Every 4th July, Rwanda celebrates Liberation day as a sign of commemorating the role of the Rwanda defense force (Former RPF army) in fighting and liberating the country from the immoral governance that led the country into the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

After 1994, Rwanda also started a journey to liberate the country from other devastating effects which were affecting people’s living conditions.

This year 2020, the country is celebrating the 26th anniversary of Liberation.

Nyaruguru district, as one of 30 districts in Rwanda, has passed through that journey and today there are numerous facts that mark the 26 years of change in Nyaruguru as revealed by the district mayor Mr. HABITEGEKO François.

                   HABITEGEKO François – Mayor of Nyaruguru District

Social welfare

The very first thing the mayor revealed is that the district was liberated from hunger which has been affecting the citizens to extent of mass departure from the district to other parts of the country trying to find where they can get food.

“We have been liberated from a deep-seated hunger, and today there is no citizen of Nyaruguru who migrate due to hunger because we have increased the level of food security in the district.” Habitegeko said

“Today we can harvest 3600kg of corn per hectare, 29 tons of potatoes per hectare, and other agriculture activities which are being done on around 50 thousand of hectare in order to improve the food security” says the Mayor.

Infrastructures development

Not only celebrating the change in social welfare but also the district is celebrating the development of infrastructures like construction of modern roads, water and electricity which are today raising in the district.

The Mayor says that: “Currently more than 77% of citizens can access clean water in a distance of only 500 meters from home. For electricity we have shifted from 0.8% in 2011 and today we have 93% of homes that access to electricity including the use of solar panel.”

“We are currently constructing the roads in different areas of the district like Huye-Kibeho-Munini paved road and other roads with which their construction activities were affected by COVID 19 lockdown”Habitegeko added

Road construction activities

Health sector

The district is currently upgradingMunini Hospital under the support of H.E President Paul Kagame; with a budget of more than Rwf 8 billion. The hospitalization capacity will be around 300 beds. The district has also got 16 health centers and 28 health posts.

Munini Hospital Master plan (Photo: MASS.)
Construction activities of Munini Hospital


Thousands of pilgrims come in Nyaruguru just to visit the Holy Land of Kibeho every year. The mayor admits that tourism activities are still at lower capacity compared to historical background of Kibeho, but he says that the completion of Huye Kibeho road will be a starting point to brand the site.

He says: “The crucial thing was the road construction, once completed; there are many investors who are ready to establish the tourism related business and in partnership with government institutions in charge of tourism we will bring up tour guides who will be helping visitors.”

Note that Nyaruguru district has a part of Nyungwe Park which has various species of animals like birds, baboons, etc

Catholic church of Kibeho is destination for many tourists
Pilgrims who come to Kibeho also fetch water from this well

Business development

A modern market has been completed alongside a bus station in Kibeho sector. In some sectors also the district has put in place public lights just to facilitate the businessmen to work more hours in rural areas with maximum security.

Kibeho Modern Market

Three tea factories are currently operating within the district and 2 more factories are to be constructed soon.

Though the district celebrates all these achievements, there is still a hard work to do especially in rural area where people are still struggling with poor infrastructures such as roads among many others. Habitegeko François, the Mayor of Nyaruguru district, says that the journey of liberation is a process and they are looking for solutions to people’s concerns.

More pictures of Nyaruguru

Kibeho Modern Market

Kibeho Bus station
Tea plantation in Nyaruguru

Public lights in Nyagisozi sector


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