July 15, 2024


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Kinyinya-Gasharu Citizens combine efforts to rehabilitate damaged roads

By Our Reporter

Residents mostly from Agatare and Gasharu villages, Kinyinya Sector in the City of Kigali has joined efforts to rehabilitate the 4 Km damaged road which link them to the other side where the paved road has stopped.

They said also that rehabilitation of damaged roads is part of easing the smooth movement of goods and persons.

However, they are likely to face insufficient funding of the rehabilitation works since the available contribution has almost ended leaving about 2Km still in need of more efforts.

Officials have recently announced new move where wherever citizens have committed their effort especially in the construction of public infrastructures and fail to complete the total task due to limited means, that time there is high possibility for Intervention in such circumstances when citizens ‘role can’t fulfil the expected outcomes.

Once you arrived at Kinyinya Bus station you will realize that there is a remaining part of the road which is now changing from critical conditions to some extent rehabilitated, thanks to the joint contribution of the residents.

Despite the area being part of the City of Kigali since long time ago, those who were born in this area said they had never seen development infrastructures until recently when the area was connected to electricity grid as well as to clean water line.

Obviously, the area is changing day and night. New people are constructing modern houses, small business have started and, in the meantime, residents here are waiting for the Green City which is likely to be extended to this side.

Today’s effort of residents themselves to take this active step and contribute money to the construction of this road, it is a clear indication that people here want to be smart and second, it is clearly showing that the Government’s inspirations on self-reliance and self-esteem are taking off 26 years after the liberation of Rwanda.


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