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Meet Yvette Nyinawumuntu, Founder of Save Generations Organization

Yvette Nyinawumuntu, Founder and Director of Save Generations Organization

Welcome again to “Meet the Professional programme” where TOPAFRICANEWS’s reporter today is meeting the Founder and Director of Save Generations Organization to learn more about this non-governmental Organization whose services are bringing positive Impacts to various groups of Rwandans.

At its Headquarter which locates in the City of Kigali, our reporter has been able to talk to Madam Yvette, the Founder and the Director. The discussions focused on the organization’s main areas of Interventions, beneficiaries, the essence of the existence of this organization, five years Anniversary, use of Information Technology, Young people and future plans.

First of all: What have we immediately learnt about this organization?

Yes, we learnt that Save Generations Organization is a Rwandan Non-Governmental Organization that works to prepare, empower and equip the future generations with the main focus being put on children, youth and Women without leaving behind men and boys as well as families.

Save Generations Organization intervenes in sectors such as Education, child protection, Wellbeing of youth and women empowerment, livelihoods improvement, as well as the Sector of Youth and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights. And absolutely the organization also touches the domain of Environment protection as well as the aspects of climate Change.

Enjoy the programme.:


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