November 2020


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President Kagame Congratulates Cardinal Kambanda, promises Government Cooperation with the Catholic Church


Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame wishes Cardinal Kambanda Antoine, the Archbishop of Kigali a new and happy life after the most recent promotion by Pope Francis, being the first Rwandan to assume the highest level in the Catholic Church

On October 25, Pope Francis promoted Antoine Kambanda to the level of Cardinal, the first person to reach that milestone in the history of the Catholic Church in Rwanda.

The Office of the President has issued a letter containing President Kagame’s message, wishing Cardinal Antoine Kambanda a new and happy life, for his new role.

“On my own behalf and on behalf of all Rwandans, we wish you good luck in your new endeavors, as the first Cardinal in the history of Rwanda. This crown you’ve been given is a pride for you and for the Catholic Church of Rwanda. It is of great value to all Rwandans and to the country. “

On January 27, 2019, Bishop Kambanda was installed as Archbishop of Kigali

President Kagame said the fact that Kambanda was made Cardinal two years after he became Archbishop of Kigali is a testament to his talent in improving God’s work.

“It is a sign that the Catholic Church of Rwanda continues to be a champion, 120 years after it arrived in Rwanda,” he said. The Catholic Church continues to play a role in rebuilding the country after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, especially in the Unity and reconciliation of Rwandans.

“The Church continues to work with the government to improve the education, health and well-being of Rwandans. All of these are to be proud of. We pledge our cooperation in your work, in particular to the Catholic Church in general.” Kagame said in a message

The 13 new cardinals recently approved by Pope Francis, including Kambanda, will be installed on November 28, 2020.



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