July 20, 2024


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Vector Innovation Fund announce the launch of the first advanced technology focused sub-fund for pandemic protection and wider global healthcare

Vector Innovation Fund are pleased to announce the launch of their first advanced technology focused sub-fund for pandemic protection and wider global healthcare.

Vector Innovation Fund GP S.à.r.l. (VIF) has now launched an expected $300 million pandemic protection sub-fund 1. This first sub-fund aims to invest in technologies for pandemic protection and future healthcare, aiding and supporting precision medicine, highly advanced point of care and AI technologies to support the global economy, sustainable healthcare, and life longevity. This first sub-fund’s objective is to target commitments totalling $300m due to a strong deal flow, with an expected first close of $120m and a final close expected within 19 months.

The General Partners have an excellent track record in industry, healthcare, technology and investment, with 21 exits and a total value creation of $2.4billion, including two successful IPOs.

VIF is a Reserved Alternative Investment Fund based in Luxembourg has just been incorporated under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as a corporate partnership limited by shares (société en commandite par actions) qualifying as an investment company with variable capital – reserved alternative investment fund (société d’investissement à capital variable – fonds d’investissement alternatif réservé) under the RAIF Law.

VIF has been set up as an umbrella structure with sub-fund Vector Innovation Fund – Pandemic Protection Fund 1 at incorporation date. The General Partner might, at its discretion, launch additional sub-funds (which may be open-ended or close-ended) each of which is represented by one or more Classes of Shares. The fund qualifies as an AIF within the meaning of the AIFM Law.

Each sub-fund shall constitute a distinct and segregated part of the assets and liabilities of VIF’s umbrella structure.

Economic forecasters say fallout from COVID-19 is driving huge investment within AI and Nanotechnology as healthcare investment is expected to grow at a rate of nearly 50% extra a year towards a market set to be worth $1.333 trillion by 2027, according to Precedence Research 2020.

The Pandemic Protection sub-fund 1 plans to invest in sophisticated biotech and nanotechnology-based diagnostics, biomarkers, vaccines, novel therapies, highly targeted nanomedicines, and AI, allowing us to move to a more sustainable, digitised, decentralised and democratised point-of-care environment.  The world cannot afford another pandemic, the ongoing impact of long Covid symptoms will have a profound effect on healthcare provision for the next five to ten years. The world of investment, industry and governments are gearing up to be better prepared and are funding future the proof technologies for global health.

These dynamic investments will help to potentially free up our economies and future-proof us from infectious diseases as well as develop solutions to antibiotic resistance, another global healthcare challenge that only technology can solve.

VIF, represented by its managing general partner Vector Innovation GP, has also appointed Fuchs Asset Management S.A., led by CEO Timothe Fuchs. Fuchs Asset Management S.A. is a public limited liability company based in Luxembourg, as the qualified Fund Manager (AIFM) governed under Luxembourg law for reserved alternative investment funds under RAIF Law 2016.

The appointed investment advisor for the fund is Enabling Tech Investment Advisors S.À R.L. who is also based and incorporated in Luxembourg under Luxembourg law. VIF’s depository bank is Banque de Luxembourg. Other international service providers include Maitland, Ashurst, The World Nano Foundation and World Science Aid.

The fund has brought together some of the world’s leading figures in biomedicine, advanced diagnostics, nano biomarkers, telemedicine, AI and machine learning to accelerate these transformational technologies into the markets, backed by sophisticated, UHNW and institutional investors creating potentially one of the most dynamic international investment structures.

VIF’s fund investment strategy looks to deliver 25-30% estimated gross IRR, 4x MOIC over the life of the fund with an estimate of 10-12 diversified investments per sub-fund.

Each prospect company seeking investment from VIF must demonstrate to our investment advisors, our global advisory board, investment committee and fund managers, their ability to commercialise highly disruptive technology globally. For this, VIF uses its unique proprietary rating system for strategy implementation, using world-class benchmark modelling for technology and healthcare investment.

The Fund’s Enabling Technology Investment Advisors and global advisory board are international leaders in these fields of expertise. This has been demonstrated via previous start ups that have gone on to become ‘unicorns’, as well as our team’s wider experience with large conglomerates in terms of advising and supporting them on strategy, scaling or commercialising disruptive innovations in international markets.

One international investment platform is a Pandemic Protection alternative investment fund operated by Vector Innovation Fund in Luxembourg focused on limiting the effect of long form Covid-19, insulating the world against the impact of future pandemics, whilst minimising any impact on the global economy and healthcare provision and preparedness. As well as this, the fund is committed to enhancing the development and prevalence of nanotechnology in healthcare.


The Vector Innovation Fund is a Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF) specialising in support for technology companies able to transform global markets, notably in global healthcare, sustainability and longevity. These transformational technologies come from the nanotechnology, biotech, AI and machine learning, medical devices, therapies and digital health sectors.

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