June 21, 2024


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Gen. Alexis Kagame urges Rubavu residents to be vigilant in the aftermath of the attack that killed Italian Ambassador to DR Congo

Gen. Alex Kagame, the Commander of the Third Division of the Rwanda Defense Forces in the Western Province, called on the people of the border areas to be vigilant in the wake of the attack in the Democratic Republic of Congo that killed the Ambassador of Italy on Monday.

Gen. Alex Kagame advised residents of Busasamana, Bugeshi and Cyanzarwe Sectors in Rubavu District during a visit to the neighboring sectors nearby DRC territories.

The meeting came a day after Italian Ambassador to the DRC Luca Attanasio was killed on the Goma-Rutshuru road near the border between Rwanda and DRC. The FDLR, which has long been a threat to Rwanda’s security, has been named by the Congolese government to be behind the attack.

Gen. Alex Kagame said that the fact that the FDLR was the one who shot Ambassador Attanasio, it is easy for the rebel group to be a threat to security in those sectors.

“We still have a problem with these borders, the FDLR is still there. Yesterday you heard what it did, it killed the Italian Ambassador in DRC. No one else does it except those in Nyamuragira Volcano. They are committing massacres and looting Congolese and saying they want to come to Rwanda to destabilize the country. That’s why we can’t let them do that. ” Gen. Alex Kagame said

“If they can unpark a food truck and eat food and kill people, including the ambassador of another country, you feel their plan is a crime.” He noted

He said the people should not be afraid because the security forces are vigilant and are also working for the betterment of the country.

“It simply came to our notice then. We have been ready for a year and we will not be discouraged by the happenings because we must protect our country every hour the enemy attacks.” He added.

The Governor of the Western Province, Munyantwari Alphonse, called on the people to maintain security, urging them to denounce anyone who wants to destabilize them and whenever that happen bring it to the attention of the National Police.

” Where you live if there are people who are disturbing others, people who are involved in illegal drugs selling and those who use them, inform Police. ” Munyantwari said

Ambassador Luca Attanasio died on February 22 from gunshot wounds on Monday morning on the Goma-Rutshuru road in the Kanyamahoro area bordering the Busasamana sector near Virunga Park.

Among the others killed in the attack were Mustapha Milambo who was driving and Vittorio Iacovacci who was in charge of security for the Ambassador.

The area where the ambassador was killed is a den of armed groups, especially the FDLR, a group known as CRAP led by Colonel Ruhinda who is said to be in a special relationship with the RNC and is also accused of committing other acts of terrorism including killing and kidnapping civilians.

By MUKWAYA Olivier, IGIHE Reporter-Rubavu

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