October 4, 2023


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PHOTOS: Don Bosco Buterere TVET School celebrates 2021 Africa Environment Day

On Wednesday March 3rd, 2021, Don Bosco vocational training Centre in Buterere joined the rest of the world to celebrate Africa Environment Day.

Africa Environment Day, celebrated annually on 3 March, was established by the Organization of African Unity in 2002 as a way of raising awareness of the pressing environmental challenges facing the continent.

Since 2012, the Africa Environment Day has been celebrated in conjunction with Wangari Maathai Day, in order to pay tribute to the late Nobel Laureate’s green legacy. 

In a statement regarding the celebration of the day at Don Bosco Buterere TVET Centre in Burundi, Father Ferdinand Ntunzwenimana, the Director of the Salesian Community in Buterere said “It has become a good habit for the green club of Don Bosco Buterere TVET centre to join forces with other institutions to celebrate the different environment days.”

He added that “Such days are an opportunity for the club to educate everyone about the importance of the environment, as many people pay little attention to the environment. It is in this context that the said club wanted to celebrate African Environment Day on March 3 of this year by raising awareness among people from surrounding institutions.”

For this awareness, club members have planted fruit and non-fruit trees in the school grounds and others institutions such as public offices, Health Centres as well as in neighbouring schools.

More than 300 trees were planted in these different places. Those in charge of the various institutions welcomed this great initiative of the Don Bosco Green Club to raise awareness not only through words but above all through actions.

“Everyone agrees that the future is prepared today. So, if you plant a tree today, you are preparing the future.” Father Ntunzwenimana said


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