May 24, 2024


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Macron’s visit to Rwanda

Since recently, various reports indicated that the French President Emmanuel Macron is scheduled to visit Rwanda in early May this year. If that happens, it will be the first visit by France head of state after the one of Nicolas Sarkozy who visited Rwanda 11 years ago.

Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Vincent Biruta this week was asked by France 24 about the trip if Macron would indeed travel to Rwanda early next month.

Minister Biruta responded that it is not Rwanda that would answer such a question.

“When we get any indication that the visit is going to take place, we will communicate that. But now it is not a good time to announce it before the French government does.”

Biruta’s response is the same as the other one he gave a reporter when he was asked about the appointment of a new French ambassador to Rwanda six years after Michel Flesch’s departure in 2015.

Dr Biruta said he was not the one “appointing the French ambassadors, it is the French government that would decide who to appoint.”

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