May 28, 2024


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A global report on Catholic Education

The Global Catholic Education project, co-sponsored by 4 international organizations (OIEC, IFCU, OMAEC and UMEC-WUCT), has released data on Catholic education in the world. From the latter we learn that:

  • Worldwide, about62 million children are enrolled in Catholic schools;
  • 6 million students are being formed in Catholic higher education institutions;
  • More than 50%of primary school pupils come from Africa;
  • Indiacontinues to be the country with the highest number of children enrolled in Catholic schools, followed by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Kenya and Malawi.

  • In Salesian schools, in 134 countries of the world, 940,000 students are trained, while in vocational training centersthere are 200,300 students.
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