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Meet the Women Changing the Definition of Success

The Higher Level Method™ Imprint Expands into Best-Selling Book and TV Show

New York, NY, July 13, 2021 — Have you ever wished that you had a successful professional businesswoman to give you advice? Are you in search of new ways to gain the wisdom needed to move you closer to your goals?
The new book, The Higher Level Method: Success Stories on How to Master Your Business and Life Goals, shares unique views of what success looks like for a group of diverse women. Each chapter reveals incredible moments that led these professionals to define and achieve success on their own terms.

•    Ashley’s mental health disorder led to trouble at work and creation of a movement designed to improve mental and emotional health in the workplace.
•    Creating her style blog and providing a forum to spotlight women and minority-owned businesses helped Dr. Kayra survive the tumultuous end of her marriage.
•    Michaela, a female aviator, grew up with no running water or electricity and transformed her grit and resilience into a successful therapy practice and happiness initiative.
•    The death of Jennifer’s brother led her to pursue a master’s degree in school counseling so she could help children experiencing similar loss.
•    Taniella followed in her grandmother’s entrepreneurial footsteps to run one of the largest minority women-owned businesses on Long Island.
•    Managing spina bifida and life with a wheelchair made Krystal learn how to rest in her success.
•    Thanks to her relentless drive, Darlene transformed a small loan into a successful international business – D. Aiken & Associates Worldwide – and built The Higher Level Method.

Through their docuseries reality show in development, these women will set out to inspire and empower others by sharing what they did to get through similar situations.  
Show Synopsis: Dynamic women helping others in bold and subtle ways. They recount hazards along the path to personal and professional success and share what they did to get through similar situations. Do they know it all? Of course not! But what they have to offer is more precious than answers; it’s perspective.  

TV Show Main Characters:

Darlene Williams – The Trailblazer
Harvard-certified rhetorician, lifestyle and business coach, international best-selling author, and founder of The Higher Level Method, Darlene knows firsthand about transformation. She turned a $1,000 loan from her cousin into D. Aiken & Associates Worldwide™, the preeminent personal and professional development coaching firm.

Michaela Renee Johnson – The Ever Learner
Best-selling author, licensed psychotherapist and host of the top iTunes podcast, Be You Find Happy, Michaela encourages people to speak their truth with grace and live a courageous life of authenticity. Her initiative, Be You Find Happy, holds workshops and conversations on finding happiness in spite of life’s setbacks and has landed her speaking opportunities across the nation.

Dr. Kayra Alvarado – The Empowerment Influencer  
Born in Panama City, Panama, style blogger, digital creator, and advocate for women and minority-owned businesses, Dr. Kayra seeks “to empower women to rise in style.” She earned a Ph.D. in Second Language Education from the University of Maryland and sponsorships with fashion brands such as Ann Taylor, J. Crew, Maggy London, Nine West and NYDJ.

Ashley Sides Johnson – The Teacher
TEDx speaker, best-selling author and Today Show guest, Ashley wrestles with a significant anxiety disorder and uses her imprint, There’s an Elephant in Your Office, to advocate for improved mental health in the workplace. As a professor of public speaking and mom at the teenage hangout house, she helps young adults navigate major life changes.

D. Aiken & Associates Worldwide, the preeminent personal and professional development coaching firm, seeks to meet the need for more positive and uplifting content by bringing the Higher Level Method to life.

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