June 20, 2024


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Despite COVID 19 disruption, Hope of Family continues its efforts to lift community out of extreme poverty

As the days go by, so does the severity of the COVID 19 pandemic, which in particular affects developing countries and most especially people from low-income households.

Since the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, public health has been severely affected. The family economy has been severely disrupted, many have lost their jobs, socialization has declined, however for low-income families, the impact is huge.

Although COVID 19 has been a major problem for us all, Hope of Family has not been discouraged to continue its efforts to lift people out of extreme poverty, specifically in Muhanga district, Shyogwe sector, Southern Province of Rwanda.

From food support, house renovation, providing health insurance for the needy regardless of being Hope of Family beneficiaries and helping them to create profitable projects whose impacts are viewed in the long-term angle, Hope of Family has proved that nothing is impossible when there is willingness, cooperation and teamwork.

In fact, Hope of Family is not a business or a financial institution. The organization is committed to contributing to the well-being of the people living in Shyogwe sector in Muhanga District in particular by lifting the people out of extreme poverty through various activities related to the development of the family from child education.

With the recent activities conducted during this time when the pandemic continues to disrupt normal working conditions, Hope of Family has supported some vulnerable families from the Shyogwe community to cover health insurance for the year 2021/2022.

In June to July 2021, Hope of Family offered health insurance for 2021/2022 to 3000 community members from 600 low-income families including 100 beneficiaries’ families who live in the Shyogwe sector of Muhanga District.

Hope of Family has done this benevolent activity in order to assist community members in accessing medical treatment and services at local health centres and hospitals.

While Health Insurance stays fundamental right to the community, Hope of Family has again in this time of the pandemic, provided financial support to reinforce the Long term project of beneficiaries.

After beneficiaries’ long term project being badly impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic, Hope of Family provided financial support to 100 beneficiaries through saving and credit groups in June 2021 to reinforce their projects.

Piggeries and poultry projects are two of the current initiatives being implemented and beneficiaries anticipate earning money from the projects’ production which will be utilized to cover their families’ basic needs.

The Organization has been able also to allocate funding in the renovation of beneficiaries houses to improve their living conditions. 

After rebuilding 26 houses of beneficiaries in Shyogwe sector in Muhanga district, Hope of Family helped another 10 families of beneficiaries renovate their homes so that they could live in a better condition with better accommodation.

Hope of Family can’t achieve all of the works alone without support from other stakeholders among them are local administration, Bylo Chacon Foundation as well as TUBE HEZA NGO which works closely with the Hope of Family in paving Hope of Family beneficiaries houses.

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