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Kicukiro: Gatare village in Niboye brings innovations to fight COVID 19

The Government of Rwanda is currently doing its best to eradicate the COVID 19 pandemic. In various cells across the country there are various awareness campaigns aimed at preventing the pandemic and encouraging the public to continue to take precautionary measures.

Remarkably, on September 30, 2021, a campaign was launched in Gatare Village in Niboye Sector in Kicukiro District and the village immediately announced the establishment of a Village Blog that will be updated regularly on COVID 19 and other planned activities in the campaign

In an interview with the Chief of Gatare Village, Mr. Leo Nduwayezu, he explained that the blog was set up to increase awareness in the campaign but also to use technology as one of the tools that have helped countries to prevent the spread of this deadly pandemic.

Mr Nduwayezu said: “The establishment of this communication tool is in line with information technology that our village has deployed in the fight against COVID 19.”

He added that in order to prevent mass gatherings, “we must use technology to provide them with the necessary information and protect them from anything that could attract Coronavirus.”

He explains that at least every family in Gatare village includes someone with a smartphone.

“We hope the information will reach every family,” he said.

Mr Nuwayezu assured that “there are other innovations that will continue to come so that everyone in his or her capacity will have access to information and COVID 19 prevention tips.”

Gatare village is one of the few villages in Kigali city that has less cases of COVID 19 infections due to the fact that they are largely preventive.

The village administration said that when there is someone who has COVI 19, he/she is visited, and is taken care of so that he/she recovers quickly.

Regarding COVID 19 vaccination in Gatare Village, Mr Nduwayezu said, “Among the categories that have been called for immunization, that is, those from the age of 18, more than 95% have been vaccinated.”

In his message, the Chief of Gatare Village urged the people not to ignore COVID 19 prevention measures but to encourage their colleagues to continue to prevent it.

Some of the strategies that the community is encouraged to follow include:

Wearing facemasks, washing hands well, Avoid unplanned travels, Avoid mass gatherings, Go to the doctor when you hear of changes in the body, Use technology and Continue to observe social distancing and other protocols to eliminate COVID 19.

“We urge those who have business activities or other activities that attract many people in the village to comply with the regulations so that we can continue to prevent Covid-19 in our village,” Mr. Nduwayezu said.

The Gatare Village is inhabited by 186 families of 736 people.

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