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Eng. Mutsindashyaka tipped UR Mining and Geology students on the Workplace that awaits them

Eng. Andre Mutsindashyaka, REWU Secretary General speaking to UR Students

By Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU

The Secretary General of Rwanda Extractive Industry Workers Union (REWU) Eng. Andre Mutsindashyaka has tipped the students of UR-Mining and Geology School, on the status of the Mining Workplace and reminded them that the main thing they need to know is to study knowing that the job market awaits them is a market that seeks a person that can translate what he / she has learnt into a practical solutions on the field.

Eng. Mutsindashyaka was speaking at the official launch of MINEFIELD activities that will bring changes in the mining industry in Rwanda.

Minefield Group Ltd is a professional group of Engineers whose core business is to establish and operate “Workplace-based Mineral Processing Training Centers (W-BMPTCS)” with a view to providing technical and vocational training services at the level of Mine Concessions, Quarry sites and Mineral Processing Centres in Rwanda.

During the remarks made at the event, Eng. Mutsindashyaka began by explaining that REWU is a Trade union of mining and Quarrying Workers and is responsible for advocacy and development of those who work in this field.

He added that REWU advocates but also wants a change in the field and in the well-being of those in the profession.

He commended the Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board (RMB) for putting in place a policy that provides room for miners to gain professional skills while at the workplace.

To the students, Eng. Mutsindashyaka said that “I think you don’t come to study just need a degree. Getting a Degree is one thing and making it productive is another.”

He explained to the students that in Rwanda about 10,000 students graduate from the University every year but also what is needed is to bring the knowledge that provides the responses to the problems facing the Labor Market.

“Normally an intelligent student, when he/she is going to develop her/his final academic dissertation topic, she/he selects the topic that will respond the existing problem, and once he/she comes to the field, he/she immediately implements the findings and responses as identified in the final dissertation,” he said.

He went on to tell them that the Mining Field is available and free for anyone with responses that will develop the sector.

“I would like to say that the market is still open, and you are still one of the first students in the field to study mining, which clearly shows that you are very much needed in the job market.” Eng. Mutsindashyaka said.

“Students who are enrolled in Mining studies, you need to be competitive, so that companies can provide you with jobs,” he said. “But are you ready to be competitive in the job market? “ He asked.

He went on to say that the knowledge that students will take to the job market should also be shared with those who are already working in this field since many of them had never had opportunity to study it because the specialized schools are new compared to when mining started in Rwanda.

Eng. Mutsindashyaka commended the Government of Rwanda for considering the introduction of a Workplace Learning Policy specifically to address the training and learning needs of Rwandan students and labour market entrants.

“Also newcomers in the profession get a chance to get to know the real situation at work, to know how to do it, the professionalism needed and so they can make their own contribution to the development of this sector.” He addedHe concluded by reminding those who go to mining and quarrying work to always strive that no injustice should be done to their fellow worker because it is not appropriate

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