July 15, 2024


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IBM shows progress but full-scale, fault-tolerant quantum computing still at least 30 years away, says GlobalData

Following the news that IBM has claimed to make a big advancement in quantum computing;

Mike Orme, Consultant on the Thematic research team at GlobalData, comments:

“While IBM’s 127-bit quantum processor represents marked progress, full-scale, fault-tolerant quantum computing may be 30 years away – or even more – simply due to the fiendishly difficult physics and engineering involved, and the scarcity of people with the high engineering or computer science skills, coding ability, and deep understanding of quantum physics required.

“However, this is not to say we won’t see immediate error-correcting quantum-correcting devices on the market by 2025 – the way things are advancing. These could be powerful enough to add quantum speed and edge to applications in materials research, drug discovery and options trading, for instance. Companies such as VW, AstraZeneca and Goldman Sachs have been readying themselves and building specialist teams over the last two to three years to take immediate advantage of this opportunity as soon as it arrives within the next four to five years.”


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