July 15, 2024


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Kigali City to Upgrade key roads including Zindiro-Masizi-Birembo-Kami-Gasanze road

Zindiro-Birembo-Gasanze road under Construction,/ PHOTO: TOPAFRICANEWS

Up to 58 road projects are set to be implemented in the neighbourhoods of Kigali city before 2024, according to the city council resolutions dated October 29.

The resolutions were adopted by the city’s advisory council in a meeting that aimed at deciding on the list of road projects that have to be included in the Kigali Infrastructure Project (KIP).

The city’s infrastructure project aims at developing the public transport sector and ease traffic flow in Rwanda’s capital.  

According to the resolutions, the capital will have a length of 215.6 kilometres of roads constructed or upgraded in six phases by 2024. 

Under phase one, some 33.7 km will be added to the current road network.

Construction works shall involve asphalt and cobblestone road construction, rehabilitation of roads across the capital, upgrading from two to four lanes, repairing and renovating them among other activities.

“The advisory council has approved the list of road projects in the City of Kigali that will be included in KIP. It has also approved the feasibility study to construct the roads as well as measures to minimise the budget of the project,” read the city resolution without disclosing the budget. 

Main targeted roads include Mulindi-Gasogi-Rusororo-Kabuga road of 9.8 Km in length, Miduha-Mageragere prison road with 8.6 Km in length, Nyabugogo-Poids Lourd-Kanogo road of 4.9 Km and Zindiro-Masizi-Birembo-Kami-Gasanze road (10.4Km) among others.  

In an exclusive interview with The New Times, Dr. Merard Mpabwanamaguru, Kigali’s Vice Mayor in Charge of Infrastructures and Urbanisation, said that the KIP project aims at fostering urban mobility and public transportation.

“We came up with this project because we want to scale up the urban traffic and of course reduce traffic in the city as well as making the public transport very smooth, creating an easy flow for movement,” he told The New Times on Monday, December 6.

The first construction phase has 10 road projects while the second one has 13.  The third one has 14 road projects, the fourth has only six as the fifth and sixth have 10 and 5 road projects respectively.

Due to the nature of the construction process, 2009 households will be relocated to pave the way for construction activities.

Source: The New Times

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