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Mandates Business Ltd: An inspirational story for those who want to change the faces of rural communities in Rwanda

On Thursday, 30 December 2021, IGIHE published an inspiring story on Mandates Business Ltd and the story has caught our attention since it can benefit a big number of our audiences who want to emulate Mandates’ way of doing business.

It is not uncommon to get an inspiring story like the one of Mandates Business Ltd, a local company that is changing the lives and the physical appearance of Ntarabana Sector which is located in Rulindo District of the Northern Province of Rwanda.

Mandates Business Ltd ‘was launched by Safari Evariste in 2018 and since then it has changed the lives of the residents and the appearance of Ntarabana Sector.

This company has a variety of activities including a guest house, a shop selling construction materials, a cooking gas business, clothing business, Hairdressing Saloon, Wedding Venue among others.

Whenever you talk to locals, they say that Mr. Safari has refurbished the area via his Business.

Mandates Business Ltd has constructed a shopping mall for locals, a variety of food and beverage facilities, accommodation and more; all of these were dreams before the company decided to invest in this area.

Mr. Safari also said that it was not easy for him to get to the area to invest as he had first to do the research in all the provinces of the country and found out what he wanted to do was only fitting for Ntarabana Sector.

In an interview with IGIHE, Rwanda’s popular news website, the man said that Mandates Business launched in 2018 with a few activities, and later started expanding.

“Our company, which started in 2018, has committed itself to remove loneliness in this area. We wanted to bring regular services from the city to the countryside. We started with the Peace Guest House which offers drinks and food. ”

He added that they later decided to immediately bring in construction materials services [Quincaillerie] where they immediately established a shop. They brought the cooking gas business so that people will not continue to pollute the air and that’s part of the long-term investment in the protection of the environment.

They then brought in the IREMBO services, an online platform that helps the resident easily have access to government services such as paying Health Insurance fees, paying taxes and have access to many other documents without having to travel long distances.

So far the business benefits residents of Nyarubuye Village, Kajevuba Cell, Ntarabana Sector, Rulindo District in the North where Mandates Business activities have lifted them out of isolation, according to Mr. Safari and witnesses from residents.

“The residents of Ntarabana are happy because we got them out of isolation. People used to visit the area and could not find a place to take a Soda. Today things have changed. We are proud of the fact that the activities have expanded according to the wishes of our customers. ” Mr. Safari said.

In addition to these commercial activities, there are other activities that are being done through agriculture to help young people who have not yet found a job.

Mandates Business Ltd through the Smart Agriculture project in collaboration with local authorities (sector) and Balton Rwanda has provided outstanding results in this project.

Mr. Safari said that with his education background in agriculture, they thought of the project as a contribution to youth development and job creation.

“We started with 40 young people and trained them, and then we gave them seeds. We want the project to go from youth to other farmers. “

Mr. Safari acknowledges that there is a development potential in rural areas.

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