July 15, 2024


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Nyagatare: How Saving Groups are enabling local community to pay for health Insurance

Residents of Nyagatare District in the Eastern Province of Rwanda confirmed that paying for Health Insurance in groups has helped them more than ever before.

Residents of Nyagatare District say they join in saving groups, where each member pays Rwf 500 per week and then fills out the required amount of health insurance and immediately pays it without any problems.

The Nyagatare district administration also emphasizes that this easy-to-use group approach is yielding positive results based on the previous approach where each individual had to struggle to get the needed amount.

But MUREKATETE Juliette, the Deputy District Commissioner for Social Welfare, emphasizes that this grouping approach really makes it easier for the community to make a contribution and continues to urge those who are not yet paid to try the same approach.

Nyagatare district has been lagging behind in terms of health insurance payments for three years, which is one of the reasons they have launched various campaigns with the objective of sensitizing citizens to pay for Health Insurance.

From 2019 Rwandans paid for health insurance was 79.6%, by 2020 it was 84.9. In 2021 the figure rose to 85.1%.

For those in the first category, the Government pays Rwf 3,000 per member while those in the second and third category pay 3000 Frw with their own means, while in the fourth category, each person pays 7,000 Frw per year.

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NAYITURIKI Anicet, Nyagatare district

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