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Africa Prosperity Network, Africa Soft Power Project team up to change Narratives on the African Continent

Africa Soft Power Project Founder together with members of the Africa Prosperity Network/ PHOTO: TOP AFRICA NEWS

By Ange de la Victoire DUSABEMUNGU

The Africa Prosperity Network and Africa Soft Power Project are working together to give value to the African Continent and African Initiatives that will drive the continent’s prosperity agenda. The partnership was announced in Kigali on May 27, 2022 at the side-line of the Africa Soft Power Conference which kicked off in Rwanda on Thursday.

The plan to make the use of Africa Prosperity potential comes after realizing that Africans tend to go to Western Countries to find solutions while their homeland has many of the needed solutions that can be even shared to the rest of the World.

Speaking to the media, Dr. Nkiru Balonwu, Founder of Africa Soft Power Project explained that Africa has the youngest population in the world and from that there is a hidden potential that should start to make Africa shine.

“If you think about America’s biggest strength is actually its soft power. So the way you think about Hollywood, and the music industry, you see America’s superpower” Dr. Nkiru said

Dr. Nkiru Balonwu, Founder of Africa Soft Power Project

“We have our creatives, we have a young economy, we have young people and we are the youngest population in the world. So how can we tap into that youth energy to change the direction Africa is going? How can we be proactive in the way Africa is seen and represented? We have to ourselves do something about it and that’s what we’re doing.” She added.

According to Dr. Nkiru, once the continent decides to use its own means to find its own solutions, it will no longer be necessary for African leaders to take flights to Europe for meetings to address Africa’s problems.

 “And in any case, I think it’s really important to understand that we’re here in Kigali, because we think we need to start convening on the continent. We can’t all be going to Davos and going to London, when things are happening here, we should be here, our leaders should be here, which is sort of exercising the idea that we can convene power here, as opposed to always packing our bags and going to Dubai, going to all of these spaces and that’s why we thought Kigali was important.” Dr. Nkiru said.

Dr. Nkiru also noted that the Africa Soft power Project and Africa Prosperity Network are going to collaborate for the same idea of convening on the continent among other initiatives.

The maiden edition of the Kwahu Summit to shine Africa Prosperity Network Agenda

Apart from the role of Africa Soft Power Project, the Africa Prosperity Network last week launched the Kwahu Summit which is also set to foster positive narratives for Africa.

The maiden edition of the Kwahu Summit will take place at the Rock City Hotel in Kwahu, Ghana on 28th and 29th October 2022.

According to Hannah Akuwu, the Executive Secretary of Africa Prosperity Network, “The Kwahu summit is basically going to be a convention of African leaders in politics and business as well as academia in Africa and diaspora.”

She said that during the Kwahu summit “We will be convening the powers that be in Africa to decide for Africa, on Ways and Means and the tools that we think will lead to strategic networking and communications that guide the Africa prosperity agenda.”

Hannah Akuwu, the Executive Secretary of Africa Prosperity Network

“So basically, this is what is going to be happening at the end of October this year. And then subsequently, we intend to do it every November. So during the Kwahu summit, we intend to have discussions on all aspects of prosperity in trade, energy, travel, or anything that needs to be discussed to ensure that Africa is projecting its own agenda in a way that suits our development.” Ms. Hannah Akuwu added.

According to Gayheart Mensah, Board Member of Africa Prosperity Network, the Kwahu summit will leave the continent in another direction.

Gayheart Mensah, Board Member of Africa Prosperity Network

“We are going to make sure that at the end of the summit, there are tangible deliverables. There are deals when it comes to trade among African countries, there are agreements on how to make progress with the policies, for instance, that come from the African Union. There are decisions that will lead to tangible implementation that will move the needle when it comes to trade,  when it comes to economic development.” He said

“I use this opportunity to extend an invitation to all the big business people in Rwanda to stem and extend an invitation to the politicians in Rwanda. That together, we can change Africa, then we’ll expect to see them improve in October from 28th to the 29th.” Mensah added.

The partners of the Kwahu Summit are AfCFTA Secretariat, the Government of the Republic of Ghana and the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC).


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