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Minister Gatabazi announced new strategy to protect the infrastructure provided to local communities

BY Ange de la Victoire D.

Rwanda’s Minister of Local Government, Mr. Gatabazi Jean Marie Vianney, has announced new plans to establish a sustainable approach to ensure the sustainability of the inaugurated community development activities.

Minister Gatabazi said this was due to the fact that there were cases where the government provided certain infrastructures to the citizens and later found that they had been damaged in a short period after their inauguration.

He revealed that new staff will be employed at the local level to help the people in the transformation process while at the same time sensitizing and showing them how to maintain their development activities and make them productive.

Minister Gatabazi said “His Excellency the President of the Republic continues to deliver on this seven-year term in addition to what he has set out to do in those seven years.”

He announced that so far Rwanda has inaugurated 102 model villages across the country, among them are 10 model villages which are at the national level and 92 Model villages at the district level. The entire model villages are home to about 6754 households.

Speaking at the celebration of the Liberation Day in Nyaruguru District where the event was held at the national level, Minister Gatabazi assured the Prime Minister that “these development activities, whether are the ones inaugurated in Nyaruguru District on Liberation Day, whether they are the ones in other districts will continue to be taken care of so that Rwandans can continue to prosper.”

He said “On this day we celebrate the day when the tyrannical regime in Rwanda was overthrown and replaced by the leadership that strengthened the unity of Rwandans and given every Rwandan the opportunity to contribute to the rebuilding of his/her country without ever being excluded.”

He added that “Liberation is a journey and with the leadership of the local government, we assure that we will continue to work with the people for sustainable development, and we assure the leadership of our country that we will continue to work hard to rebuild it, so that Rwandans can always have a say both in Rwanda and abroad. Our goal is to put the people at the forefront, and our unity is our strength.”

Rwanda’s Liberation Day was preceded by Liberation Week during which various activities were held among them are Radio and TV talk shows on the liberation struggle, inauguration of development activities across the country, among them are economic activities, roads, bridges, electricity and water supply, schools, hospitals among others.“So together with our partners, the private sector, the business community, the entrepreneurs, religions and churches operating in our country, non-governmental organizations and all other members of the Civil Society Organizations, we assure you that all inaugurated activities and the ones that will be inaugurated in the future will continue to be preserved.

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