July 18, 2024


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What are the nine things anyone should never start?

  1. Never ever let your self-respect go down. It is above anyone and everyone.
  2. Never treat someone badly just because of their physical appearance, status, job and skin color
  3. Never start depending on alcohol or drugs for your happiness and/or as motivation to complete a certain task. This dependency will make you a slave to them.
  4. Never start cheating when you are in a relationship or married.
  5. Never start hating anybody: Just forgive them for what they are and move on.
  6. Never be so judgemental . You never know what kind of battle someone is fighting.
  7. Never start ignoring the people who love you when you achieve something in life, you will realise very late what you lost.
  8. Ignoring your parents is the worst sin one should never start doing. They made who you are.
  9. Never start false gossips about people, this is not pleasure, it’s a big sin.

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Author :—Khushboo Khan 33

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