February 29, 2024


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Mundo-Power LTD announces Hybrid Power Solutions in conjunction with Canada Africa Chamber of Commerce

No community needs to be without power
WINNIPEG, Canada, August 9, 2022/ — Mundo Power LTD (Mundo-Power.com) is pleased to officially announce our Hybrid Power Solutions for the African Communities and businesses looking for robust renewable energy solutions.

David Brown, V.P. International Business Development at Mundo Power LTD said, “Many customers have already benefited from deploying Mundo complete turnkey system: small wind turbines, solar panels and batteries.
Suziki School, internationally recognized renewable energy school has committed to a second turbine to provide further green renewable energy for the school.”  

Animation Video Links:(Telecom, Water Pumping Stations & Community Exampleshttps://bit.ly/3QcZKf3

Combining flexible solar panels on turbine poles answers theft and space concerns. Mundo turnkey solutions are designed to last for years making for a truly sustainable solution.Mundo Power is pleased to announce partnering with Magcor Consortium Group of Companies Ltd., Ghana. 

Magcor brings extensive African development experience.
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