May 20, 2024


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Africa Oil Week and Green Energy Africa Summit Draws Top United States (U.S) Officials

U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy David M. Turk.

The U.S. delegation’s participation in these prominent events will be a chance for the United States to meaningfully engage with its African partners.

CAPE TOWN, South Africa, September 29, 2022/ — Senior officials from the United States Departments of Energy and State will be heading to South Africa to attend Africa Oil Week ( and its sister event the Green Energy Africa Summit, taking place here from 3-7 October and 4-5 October 2022, respectively.

The U.S. delegation’s participation in these prominent events will be a chance for the United States to meaningfully engage with its African partners on challenges such as expanding energy access, improving energy security, and tackling the climate crisis.

“Africa’s efforts to address its energy access, affordability, and security goals—while diversifying its energy mix, building sustainable supply chains, and protecting the continent’s ecosystems and diverse natural resources—are central to the prosperity of Africans as well as helping tackle the global climate crisis,” said U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy David M. Turk. “We are pleased to be attending Africa Oil Week and the Green Energy Africa Summit, and the United States will work closely with African countries as they determine how to best meet their energy needs in a secure, affordable, and sustainable manner, including pursuing domestic energy access and economic development goals through deployment of a wide range of clean energy technologies.”

Billed as “The Home of the African Upstream,” Africa Oil Week is Africa’s leading oil and gas event and draws energy-sector decision makers from national governments, global energy companies, independents, exploration firms, investors, and service providers.

The event will feature hundreds of delegates from the public and private sector, sharing knowledge about industry trends, making deals, and discussing energy policy ideas that will affect the future of the sector.

This year’s Africa Oil Week will draw more than 1800 delegates, representing more than 80 countries, including 30+ government ministers, 150+ national representatives, and 25+ oil companies.

As the second-largest producer and consumer of energy in the world, the United States plays an influential role in global energy markets.

“With proved natural gas reserves of more than 473 trillion cubic feet in 2020, Africa has a significant role to play as a key global gas producer,” said Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy and Carbon Management Brad Crabtree. “And responsible natural gas development provides great opportunities to expand energy access for Africans, further develop domestic industries and exports, and help achieve net-zero emissions through the deployment of technology and infrastructure to manage carbon and methane emissions. Africa Oil Week will be an excellent opportunity to discuss these opportunities with African stakeholders.”  

Africa Oil Week is a five-day event, and will feature presentations, exhibitions, panel discussions, national showcases, an Africa Independents Forum, a dedicated South Africa Day, and a ministerial symposium. Its sister event, the newly added Green Energy Africa Summit, spans two days and will feature presentations and panel discussions to accelerate the adoption of renewable and low-carbon energy across Africa.

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